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@ Fury: Add me please Wengzkie#1987

Thank you.
Again awesome run by Blackcloud. Thanks!
I realize i am hitting the full friend list limit just about every day (as just happened). I don't mean to ignore anyone, the game just won't warn me until i try to add someone myself.

So please try again now if you haven't been able to friend me.

Cleaned up again, removing whoever was offline the longest. Re-add if you want to run with me again

Thank you for understanding :D
Will be up for a run in about 15 minutes
Did a couple runs with him today, easy and fun. Nice guy :)
Taking a two hour break, will be back around midnight EST
Thanks for the run Furry.
So good not to have to try and do that myself.
Coming back online for a couple of runs. Hit me up :D
Definitely an awesome service. he had all the NV stacks lined up ready to go, run took maybe 15 min. His knowledge of helping people with these runs is vast and evident.
Ran with Blackcloud and Wizard yesterday. Very professional and awesome, fast run! Thanks so much guys!
Done for the night, will be back tomorrow around the usual 8PM EST.

Thanks for running with me guys :D
Just did 2 runs with Blackcloud and his merry men, Arthur and superjj. Quick and easy. Thanks for the runs and I'll look you up again when I get around to farming more keys.
Great easy run with BlackCloud and buddy. crappy ring, but great service!
special thanks to Fury, Orz, and Behemoth.... that was faster that I thought it could possibly be done.....
Thank you all for the runs. A good 4+1 (3 regular and 1 double carry) runs tonight.

With 1.0.7 expected to hit up tomorrow I will be doing fewer runs (need demonic essence to craft a better ammy), but worry not playing solo is not my thing :D
Thank for BlackCloud, I got the ring on the new 1.0.7 game.
Now you can't exit the game and resume to pick up your stuff anymore.

We survived in MP10 ( I mean I survived). Thank You!
Taking a break tomorrow (poker night :D)

You may see me log on briefly but that's to reload AH and maybe farm a few Demonic Essences if I get a chance.

Will be back Thursday night for more runs, in the meanwhile hit up BlackCloud :D
Hi Fury. I just added you. My battletag is germmar#6187. Thanks.
Another super awesome run thanks fury
Anyone running now? i don't have any hellfire ring and look for 1, i had like 3 keys for each and 1 internal machive plan

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