I have 135mil to spend on a weapon, Help

I want to replace my mighty weapon, for a weapon that will go good with my sword and build.

Any advice will be a great help. Thanks
Interesting build.. My advice would just be to honestly grab an axe with crit and socket for mainhand. The extra crit would serve better than the 15% increase from sword passive, because everyone loves critting more crit damage. As well try for life steal on it if possible. I understand many people say run 6%, but each their own.

Also I would like to note, try to get better rings with crit, ias and damage(not crit damage) on them. But again, that's just my personal reference.
Anna, get a new weapon without Vit - you will take a big hit this time on your HP if you replace the sword, and have to replace it somewhere else (expensive regearing). Your OH also has some Vit. I'd suggest dropping the VW and get rare shoulders with 150+ vit.
with 135m u can get a very decent echoing fury and get urself a 30%+ elite dmg soj...ur paper dps might take a hit but ur tdps will skyrocket
Thanks for the info everyone !!! I was able to get an axe without vit on it, also got shoulders.

There is a big difference in how my life steal works, I can now see it working. I guess the attack speed on the axe made a difference. Because the mighty weapon didn't have any attack speed on it.

Also I was able to maintain my 6k armor, 50k life and 625 all resist. I know I can find some IK stuff that has higher vit on them, so I will be looking out for them. I was so afraid of losing the 15 fury that was on the Mighty weapon, but I have not had any problems with fury. I spent an hour testing everything on MP 4 and have done alot better with the stuff I bought. Spent 110 mil.

I Also gained 18k over the mighty weapon in my main hand.

Thanks all for helping me understand things better.

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