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Is magic find/paragon levels really that required to have a legendary drop? I recently started to play d3 again so im only paragon level 24 but it seems to me that i had more luck finding legendarys at paragon 5 than 24. as of now i find 1 legendary every 2-3 days and before well it just wasnt even close to that lol. just curious on how needed it is.
5 stacks of nef valor is needed, nothing else, doesn't hurt to have mf on your follower if you solo.
Any magic find helps with finding Legendaries. I don't think you even need 5 stacks of NV, but it makes it a lot easier. If you're finding Legendaries less often now than before, blame the fickle god of random number generation.
dont need 5 stacks of nv. got 1 today w only 2 nv stacks.
Sometimes I wonder if the age of the character influences the legendary drop rate. I have a WD that's paragon level 35, but she gets fewer legendaries than my DH that's paragon level 32. The DH was one of my first main characters, so that's why I wonder.
Magic Find does help. That being said luck helps a great deal too. It also depends on the patch version of Diabo you were playing at before vs. now. I started at 1.05 and heard it was a lot harder to find legendaries before and that they legendaries were pretty bad before that. I think in 1.06 it became a lot harder to find legendaries even with max MF on my Monk on MP0/MP1.
What confuses me on this magic find is the high numbers. I keep reading that more magic find gets more Rares and up (Leg & Set) to drop, but.... it seems just the opposite to me, and that's with an NV5. Just now I got into a session with a couple others, my MF is 258, their MF is 35 & 66 and we start killing the blue and yellow guys but, I see no rares and they get 3 & 4, I did get 2 overall compared to their dozen+ rares.
I don't get it, my MF is 6-8x more then them and yet I see almost nothing compared to them.

Now, to make things clear, the reason I decided to push my MF as high as I could get was because I was getting rares like crazy and there was no shortage of Leg and Set Items also, my MF was between 80 and 120 then, so, I figured I get more MF and get tons more of the gold, brown and green stuff, but it just ain't happening, it's like the whole thing is back-!!!wards, is there anyone else that this is happening too?

It's completely random. At max magic find I usually get 2-4 rares per elite killed and 1 legendary per 1-2 runs (the runs being modified alk runs). But some days I would find no legendaries and my group members who have lower MF it would be raining legendaries. Today for example there were very few rares. I would kill several packs of elite and complete my runs and there wouldn't be enough rare drops to fill my inventory. This usually comes in spurts. For a couple/several days I would get nothing, then suddenly I would get a lot. Blizzard knows how to play into the psychology of people and this is one aspect that if the person can get over the frustration at first then they will be addicted.

Several days ago there were no legendaries drops for the characters that I was leveling w/ max magic find despite farming efficiently. The characters that were doing Uber runs with no MF besides the NV and paragon levels (not that high) were getting legendaries about 1 per run which was awesome. I probably spent more time efficiently farming and considering everything (MP, MF, Speed, etc...) and I should have gotten a lot more legendaries from the magic find characters.

That being said I have noticed that I do get a lot more rares and much better ones from my magic find characters. With my non magic find characters on MP0 leveling I would feel good to get two rares per elite drop and I frequently don't get any. With my magic find characters I would be disappointed with anything below two. Legendaries are much rarer and I feel that magic find does help there as well. Hope that helps.
01/22/2013 03:45 AMPosted by Gaarashatan
no magic find does not help, thats why its in the game a completely useless stat woot woot

:Gaarashatan: That's interesting you should phrase your response this way as I was talking to my Son in Law (another D3 player) about this when my 5 year old Granddaughter said almost the same thing, very interesting indeed.

Paragon, thanks for the response, somehow, when it comes to magic find, it seems the randomness (is that a word?) of it is really the major factor. A couple nights ago several friends and myself did some playing around with the numbers and maxed out (as much as we could anyways) our MF for a chapter 3 run in inferno.

I divided our starting MF by 4 at the start and it averaged out at 273, I'm guessing that's high enough so we could hope for at least 1 legendary in doing chapter 3. I must say, I was surprised at how few rare items (no Legend or Set) even dropped while doing this, we all were scratching our heads because we've never seen so few drop before.

We all want back to the armor that we normally wear and the average MF for the 4 of us was now 123 at the start. We set off and were totally floored when the first thing to drop for me from an elite was a set item, we got more set and legendary items along the way and so many rares we had to go back every few minutes to clear out what we picked up.

This is what I see happening (to me) just about everytime, alone or with a group, more MF then fewer good items, less MF and more good items, like I said, it just seems backwards of what I would expect. This is why I made the post to begin with.

btw, we all were using our top characters, mine is a Wiz 60(37), but I've gone up a bit since we did this a few days ago.

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