Homuncolus Value? Did I hit the jackpot?

Witch Doctor
Hey. After playing this game basically from the beginning, did I just find something actually worth something? Any help pricing this will be appreciated. I equiped it so you can see it fi you want, but here are the stats.

21-49 Damage
107 Int
110 Vit
36 Resist All
4% Life
Reduce Elite Damage 4%
Reduce Zombie Dog Cool down 19 secs.
Reduce Garg Cool down 11 secs.
low dmg
only 19 sec...
not the best, but can sell.
added you as friends, lets talk price
Any actual suggested value?
well sold for 70mil. Biggest hit by far for me.
where did u drop it?? was it inferno or hell mode? and yea it is quite valuable
Inferno, I think it was act 1.
Wait, take that back, it was end of Hell. I was lvling my DH on MP10 Hell.
ya thats pretty much the best leg u can find outside of inferno imo. got to get a good dogs roll though or its worthless

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