Can't seem to find Leoric's signet!

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Okay so I am playing a wizard at lvl 60 and paragon lvl 4...wanted to farm Leoric's signet so i went over to youtube for guides...they all said one thing.."Get 300% MF" i did...spent like 100k and got as much MF as at MP10 in normal difficulty i get 306% MF without any NV stack...and with 5 NV stacks i get around 380% MF...with that i ran act 2 route thrice and couldnt find the ring...let alone the ring i couldnt find any legendary anybody know what's up with this??your help is much appreciated...thanks :)
It wouldn't be legendary if you got one every run
Hmm you have point there...okay...i'll try grinding more :) thanks for your reply
let me comment a little more on the matter im paragon lvl 53 on my barb and combined on 0mp i have 220% mf which is 80% from cap i may spend 30 minutes without getting a leg on mp8 which is my fast farm speed for inferno but then i may get 2-3 in a 5 minute span just keep at it and it will pay off grinding some mp lvls before hand might be a smarter route so you can get a little mf pool built up first
Stop farming it, to gain paragon levels in patch willl be easy, blizzard !@#$s everything up!

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