Wizard is the worst PvP class :(

We just got our only viable skill storm armor severely nerfed...

Can now be dodged. Great, as if we were anywhere near the top of the totem pole in dueling to begin with. Of course rend/haunt BS is still left untouched.

An well can always put our crap on a WD I suppose.

Why don't we all just go on strike. No more Wizards!

"Hey boss, 100% of our Wizard playerbase switched class. Maybe we should buff?"
Just us? No other classes' skills nerfed?
By the way, got a link to this?

At the bottom of the page "Storm Armor shocks can now be dodged."
hey man i tried tanking the tankers with 1.5m ehp. they cheat like crazy they totally ignore clones somehow and once that happens you cant beat them at thier own game, tanking, when they have like 30% dam resistance, 50+% dodge and natural like 5m ehp. games broke for wizzies unless we got thunderstorm and can run like a b1tch. so now it got nerfed? link

At the bottom of the page "Storm Armor shocks can now be dodged."

lol love how they say "bug fix" for yet another wizzy nerf. too ashamed to call it a nerf

where is bug fix for them ignoring our clones?
I thought they weren't going to balance "PVE gameplay for the sake of PVP".
Why this change? It's not like other players need to dodge storm armor when you're farming together.

This change was made specifically for PVP.
How can I even touch DHs in PVP now? :-(

I guess NinaRochini will be my main dueling character.
Bug Fixes
Blizzard Critical Hits now correctly have a chance to proc Arcane Power on Crit


Followers should no longer become hostile towards players after exiting the Scorched Chapel

Retards at blizzard pointlessly nerfing wizards over and over again... What else is new.

We've always been able to theory craft out of senseless nerfs though. But I don't see how we're going to get out of this one, we will literally be gimped and useless versus dex characters now. And barbs with WOTB? Forget it. WDs? Haunt does 570% damage, thunderstorm is 100%. Guess which one is dodge able now?

Monks can home in on our mirror images, we have hardly anything to break CC, our primary skills blow, and hydra doesn't scale with crit damage.

!@#$ you Blizzard. Fix wizards before you nerf them.
pffft now we are screwed.. so only our op skill is nerfed but they leave out the rest of the classes op skills untouched, fine i think i wont pvp much then.
looks like il be using my wd for pvp
what pisses me off most is somehow classes can ignore our clones. thats a real bug not to mention we have no defense so we got to trick them into not hitting us as often. well they can ignore it. I've played with a few toons DH and monk and round after round they never target the clones. I ask them about it and it has something to do with way game is coded if they hold down left mouse button computer will auto target us.

i'll step in the ring with anyone but a robot is doing their dirty work so it's not a fair fight
01/23/2013 12:59 AMPosted by Justice
looks like il be using my wd for pvp

perfectly ok, who cares PvP anyway???? not me, love my WIZ to death (hopefully few LOL)
Walk Up to them and use Archon Destruction. 1600% weapon damage, everyone dies.
Use Arcane Orb Destruction; hit them even once.
Use Blizzard and Hydra for kiting, it works in PvP.

Honestly though, PvP is going to be horrible unless critical hits are removed from PvP due to how weighten the crits are.
Aimless, I also read ingame chat while dueling with massive images build that if u activated health bars in options there is some diff on what is displayed when u hover mouse over the toon and the images.

not sure though
Yeah if you hover over a mirror image it actually says "Wizard_Mirror_Image" or something like that, as the name above the healthbar.
But yeah, Wizards should now actually be worst class for PvP.

Our only counter to DHs was to run around, avoid getting hit until our Storm Armor did the job - NERFED

Our only counter to Monks was to flee until his cooldowns were used, then do damage. Because of how many "avoid-things-that-hurt"-skills we were forced to used, Storm Armor was pretty much the main damage dealer - NERFED

Our only counter to barbs was to permafreeze them. Yeah, you can permafreeze barbs (I got Moldran and appanim several times) but they will apply (admittedly much-needed) CC reduction so that won't work anymore. Barbs auto-target our main when we use illusions and ignore all slows when they sprint, all slows..

WDs can just haunt, gtfo and wait for us to die painfully. Never played more than 5min WDs, so don't have theorycraft on them.
... Wizard mirrors, here we come! Dropping rain and hydras all day long.
Looks like Blizz thinks we are doing it all wrong.

Maybe we will really find out why Arcane Orb or our jokey Fireball is so good, some day.

Or not.
I don't know if this applies to player characters, but if you have actual health numbers displayed and not just bars, illusionist clones have much less HP and it's easy to see that the real one is the one with the highest max health.
All the invisible invincible DH's with super sub par gear can now rejoice..... STORM ARMOR is TOO STRONG.... wait your going against a 250 unbuffed wiz and your 80k unbuffed...

I never had a problem going against Wizzy with way more dps then my on PvP... just saying....
Did I mention a lot of ranged attacks like Evasive Fire bullets completely ignore Slow Time?

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