WW Dcs still happening

Bug Report
So i just got back after a few months away from the game, and still the WW barb DCS like mad, However playing around a bit today i believe its all to do with the Hurricane Rune, the Others have yet to DC me however the Farming Speed is GREATLY reduced due to the slowness of Movement. but thats just my little rant at the end there haha. i do believe that Hurricane is the Problem and should be looked at more
I believe you are correct. I tested your theory by changing my ww rune to blood funnel and I have yet to get DC. With hurricane I couldn't go more than about 15 or 20 min without DC...ever!
a suggestion is to make your Movement speed just perm for all runes, to give more variety because everything else is just to slow
i just came back and play on all my toons but i only dc on my barb when wwing are u telling me this is still going on?
i was using that rune aswell but i like it i should be able to use it blizz fix that

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