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Witch Doctor
So after leveling my WD, I decided to stick with him as my primary class. I went all in and sold my WW Barb Gear, DH Gear, and bought some decent stuff. My AR I think is pretty nice, but Im still under 40k health, and only at 108k dps. Should I just go with a primary goal of updating the dps on my weapon or are there some other pieces I should look to get?
What's your budget?

what you need to upgrade immediately is your OH. Get one with around 100-400 min/max damage.
1)your mojo, terrible average damage
2)gloves with CC+CD+Int/vit
3)pox+vision with CC
4)more armor
5)If you are using acid cloud as primary then I would consider (Swapping in a Vision of Giyua with CC+Acid cloud CC. chance to stun on gloves , chance to freeze on belt, string of skulls for the set bonus and pick up radius on other pieces.)
6)Jousting mail with 2 sockets

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