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Witch Doctor
How do you value dps stats for 0dog? crit vs ias vs int. i have a hard time knowing which is best. would you ever take 1 ias for 1 crit % even though crit always gives more sheet dps.
IMO, and there are people here that understand it alot better than me, I'd get enough IAS to get over 2 attacks per second because that number made my sacs feel more fluid. After that point, I'd value that stats the same as any other character or in a way that makes sense for how you like to play.
get as close to 2 attacks per second as you can, then go for survivability. You need to be standing in the thick of the action, if it gets too harry and you die to often you need more vit and ar. Crit chance and Crit damage are needed but if you don't live long enough to survive, what's the point?

Check out my zero dogs build I have 1.96 aps, 62k life, 35% CC and 354% CD. 120k dps with a SOJ.
thanks for the input

Does anyone know the ratio of aps to explosions (while spamming) whether it is linear or caps at some point. anyone with 0dogs at 3aps and could comment please.
I remember reading about someone who did use slam dance, shrine and maybe wizard stretch time to go above 3 APS and said it "sounds like a machine gun". I can tell you the diffrence between 2 and 2.5 is noticeable.

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