TTL (Time To Live) Calculator for PvP

Since I couldn't find a TTL Calculator anywhere out there, I just wrote my own. Most of us already know, that EHP means nothing and EHP/s means everything in PvP. This calculator gives an idea, how many seconds we can survive versus an opponent, based on our EHP, our life regeneration and the opponents DPS.

It's not that easy to figure out how much DPS the opponent actually makes. This value doesn't has anything to do with the screen DPS and should rather be seen as average damage over the match. The match DPS includes many factors like the time in which the opponent or we are hiding, running around, missing each other and so on, but also burst dmg, dmg from pets / turret guns and many others.

I would say, taking the screen DPS +50% is a good value to start with. If we know, that DHs for example actually do a lot more dmg then their screen DPS, we can still increase the value.

So here it is:

I hope you can get an advantage of it. If you discover any mistakes or wrong calculations, please let me know. :)

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