Value of this Manticore? Price check please!

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I recently found a Manticore and I'm still a little lost as to the value of this weap.
It's dps is a bit low to be considered a great weapon, but the stats are pretty nice on it.

I was thinking it was around 350 to 400 mil?
not any more with the Ah being flooded so badly

my current manticore i only paid 9 million for a couple weeks ago and now its not even worth half that.

i would say, from an exp DH -- 280mil put 2 radiant emeralds in it and sell it for 350 mil easily

great find. i wish i could buy it. maybey we can work something out?
i would gain 27k dps from that Manticore
That is too value I think cause some one offer me my manticore 450 Mil

I think is fair price for mine,but your I think 200 Mil top

just what I feel

and for Thefoodofgod

I have my old one may make more DPS for you

261-525 Posion D
77 ST
187 Dex*
51 Vit*
AS 11%
CD 76%
2 socket of couse

Thx guy

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