WTF is the point of elemental damage?

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I wasn't referring to elemental weapon damage affixes, but monster immunities. Monster resist/immunities make no sense in Diablo because even with an elemental damage weapon, your skillset often changes that damage to a specific element.

So to counter, your proposal is to... autoattack? Yeah, it doesn't work in D3. D2 proved this. Additionally, D3 proved that having a "gear swap" to deal with certain situations (a la Reflects Damage) is met with huge resistance from the community with arguments like "why should I lower my damage to deal with 1 pack of mobs?". The same will happen if a "gear swap" is needed to deal with fire-resistant/immune mobs.

As for elemental damage effects, I agree. This *should* be implemented into the game. But it would make "non-black" weapons much less valuable. Even now, due to how the math works with min/max damage, "black" weapons are superior to +elemental damage ones. For proof, look at +cold damage. Nobody wants that due to the lower damage, and the special effect (slow/chill) is useless on 90% of skills.

Say your skill does lightning damage and your weapon fire. You use your skill, it gets a multiplier, then converts all physical damage to lightning damage. Then it adds the fire + effect. Well, the fire + effect is going to be really tiny... whereas currently, you use your skill, it gets a multiplier, then converts ALL damage to lightning damage.

And if you fix it the other direction (allow the skill multiplier to carry over to the elemental damage + effect), you get insanely OP rather quickly.

There is a solution to be had, and this is why developers are developers. I'll defer to them, but as it stands, +elemental damage seems rather lackluster. There's much potential that seems like it can be incorporated, but it's not being taken advantage of.
It would be cool to see elemental damage being relevant again. I'd love to see it synergizing with elemental-based skills to provide extra effects through procs as an alternative to the boring trifecta paradigm. It would open a lot of potential upgrades for trashy legendaries, such as frostburn gauntlets.
Gear swapping adds strategy to the game. Where in the community has there been an uproar about the potential to have to gear swap?

The whole argument against the skill/attr point system was to provide greater options to mix and match skills. Adding resistances to monsters as well as weaknesses facilitates this.

Again, no one is talking about immunities except for you. Stop setting up a straw man.
Loved that environ. Um, was that a minor rune that dropped as loot? What the hell? Why was that cut from the game?
Removing runes from the game was another terrible decision. I've never seen anyone get enthusiastic over the uninspired D3 gem system. "YAY! 20m extra gold for +4 extra strength!!"
Special effects added to certain elemental damage types would be cool.

Cold + slow
Lightning = Mana drain
Fire = Take more dmg %
Poison = Dmg over time

Should have been:

Lightning - chance to release chain lightning, hitting up to 3 targets
Cold - slow/freeze (duh!)
Fire - char, chance to crit on elemental damage only
poison - DoT(duh!)
Holy - +damage to undead/demons
Arcane - I don't know, something cool

I like the ideas in these two posts -- to combine (and add my own), I'd love to see the following:
Lightning - chance to release chain lightning, hitting up to 3 targets
Cold = slow/freeze
Fire = Take more dmg %
Poison = Dmg over time
Holy = +damage to undead/demons
Arcane = chance to charm demons / elites

I really wished they would do something about elemental damage on weapons. It'd be cool and give us a reason to shop for different weapon types. As it stands, black damage weapons > all AFAIK ATM.
Hm... if it's about special effects for them, instead types of damage, then it'll have to be things that do not directly affect damage.
Things for support and gaining the upper hand, instead of increasing DPS:

- Cold damage: slow, freeze.
- Poison: Prevents or reduces being healed and regenerating.
- Fire: Increase the chances of them dropping health orbs, as they die while 'cooked'.
- Lightning: Increases the 'flinch' time, making easier to interrupt and stun enemies.
- Holy: Chance to disable one or more of the skills of a monster for a short time, excepting their default attack.
- Arcane: Chance to disable one of innate properties of a monster for a short time, including elite abilities.
I agree that blizz should add effects to elemental weps because as it stands right now blk weps are the only real weps in the game worth using. If they did this it would add a lot more diversity and play style.
Elemental Damage Type is still used by the reflect damage mechanic.

If you use a skill like earthquake (fire damage), the damage reflected by RD elites/champions is fire damage, so it is weighed against you fire resistance.

My wizard uses all arcane damage and stacks arcane res to minimalize the dangers of RD creatures. This is very useful knowledge for DH's who use elemental arrow and monks who use wave of light.

As far as creature elemental immunities would affect the game, if implemented, you would just need another weapon in your inventory that did a different elemental damage type (or just physical) and swap to it during those encounters.
elemental damage is an epic fail IMO. D2 had awesome characteristics with the way elemental damages hit.

lightning - low min high max
fire - high min low max
cold - slow & pierce
poison - drainage over time

these gave the game so much "feel"
what a bunch of whiners. Blues have said repeatedly they originally had stun etc for different elemental damage but that people would always go for the higher dps option over special effects so they took it out. Except lower dps cold weapons that have snare and nobody uses. Any excuse to whinge.
My ideas for elemental damage effects:

Cold - chance to chill on strike (reduced movement speed for 3 sec)
Fire - chance to burn (for medium damage over 6 sec)
Lightning - chance to stagger (interrupt monster attacks or momentarily halt movement)
Poison - chance to poison (for light damage over 9 sec)
Holy - chance to cause vulnerability (+% damage per attack for 6 sec)
Arcane - chance to cause weakness (% reduced damage output for 3 sec)
Darkness - chance to blind (lasts for 3 sec)

These effects should also be affected by relevant passive abilities such as cold-blooded, temporal flux, conflagration and paralysis)
01/24/2013 09:44 AMPosted by donk
what a bunch of whiners. Blues have said repeatedly they originally had stun etc for different elemental damage but that people would always go for the higher dps option over special effects so they took it out. Except lower dps cold weapons that have snare and nobody uses. Any excuse to whinge.

This is such a bad excuse. They're basically saying they gave up on trying to balance elemental damage so they just removed all of its effects. Which brought with it another problem -- black weapons being OP. So their solution solved absolutely nothing.

Elemental damage is also unintuitive and confusing as hell. Elemental damage does nothing and "adds x% to elemental damage" is a straight buff to black weapon damage? Makes absolutely no sense. It only serves to confuse the players because those descriptions are essentially lies. They're not even poorly worded. They're just straight up lies.
They removed the effects and put it on skills.
Wait a minute, are you saying that monsters in this game have no variation in their elemental armor stats, at all? Even like what you'd find in a Final Fantasy RPG released by Nintendo in 1987?

Well, I hope that's not true. But if so it's just another indicator of how astonishingly primitive the standards for this game actually are. Is it really a game, or is it a minimalist commentary on the boundary between game design and cave art?
Yeah, elemental damage basically only serves to devalue gear at this point since things like zuni boots, triumvirate, stone of jordan and anything else that has the + x element damage only counts towards the "black" damage of a weapon.

Having elements be a real thing would open up so many more options and make a lot of weapons that aren't viable finally worth considering.
eye candies.

Now that's an ARPG first!
What a useless stat elemental damage is. Just straight up damage, no special effect whatsoever. Just makes the weapon look pretty. Kind of like how D3 looks pretty but has no depth compared to D2...
Another thing they need to add to their long 'to-do' list. Surprisingly, that 'other' ftp game does the elemental thing really well.

Hope Blizz begins digging their heels in & gets to fixing D3 soon.

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