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Demon Hunter
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@proz wouldnt mind trying a manti

forgive me ..... but I'm taking your Nat Reflection. *points to Oscar.... He did it*

Nice looking Calamity.
Would be sick with a Marquise Ruby in it.
@fortytwo I'd steal your manticore =D I need a double socket dex manti bad that's better than my double socket int manti.
Loving the Legacy Nats and high dex quiver and amulet!
I would probably take your vile wards or your manti!

I would take those Nat Boots off your hands..
lol will take ur calamity for a try coz i havent 1

Really torn between your Amulet and your reflection. Hmmm ill take the ring.
if i could i would take your hellfire ring. i made like 15-20 and they all suck.
@blkdrgn torn between your Mempo and Vile wards, but I think it will be the VW never seen such a high vit roll.
Mmmm I could go for those bracers. Nice balance of stats, but it's hard to drop the EHP from my Strongarms.
@Oscar I will gladly take those boots

I'll take the gloves.
@ Celanian not much, but your boots are better than mine :)

I have my leveling gear on right now. The rings I normally use are on my Scoundrel.
Going to have to say the Radiant gems honestly, I need those bad. Sold off all my Radiants when they were 10m a piece.. Had IRL needs :(
Veosyn not count


The gem of you helm
@ Osiris, not a lot to choose from. I'll go for that Manti.

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