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So I took maybe a 2 month break from Diablo 3 over the Christmas break and the begining of the new year with plans to get back into it as life settled down some.

I logged in today and all was well until I loaded up my Barbarian to drop into Act 4 inferno to start a farming run before I crashed for the night and was greeted with the fact that I cannot access Act 4 anymore. I was farming it and completed all acts and quests prior to my break on this character. I wasn't too happy but it wasn't the end of the world(Though i'd love to know how to fix this if possible).

As I load into game to play, I am bombarded with a massive lag spike. It settles then jumps again. I didn't have this issue before hand either, it continues to lag past 700ping. Massive spikes to the point where everything on the screen stops moving then everything catches back up.

Any input on the matters would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance for any help you can provide.

Try running the repair utility first. It's accessed under the Help tab in the launcher.
Attempted the Repair Utility and it accomplished nothing sadly. The characters progression is still bugged out and the massive lag happens still. I know it's not an issue with my internet itself as nothing else lags the way Diablo 3 does, so there is something wrong with D3 on my end or something but not my internet connection itself.

All right, the next step will be to delete a bit more data that could have become corrupted.

Delete the following folder, \Diablo III\Data_D3\PC\MPQs\Cache, and then run the repair tool in the launcher again. It will take a while to run as it rebuilds the deleted info so please be patient and let it finish.
Okay so the lag issue seems to have been fixed but my characters progression is still an issue. :(

By progression, do you mean you can't create a game in Act 4 because the act isn't available, as if you've never been there? That should only happen if you've never completed a quest in a game you created and have been playing in public games you've joined instead. In that case, the highest progress you'd have is the last checkpoint you encountered in the Act you completed quests in. Kill Azmodan in Act 3, move on to Act 4 and complete the first quest. That should allow future games to be created.
Yeah thats what I just did. I had completed all previous quests before but I am unsure why it's not allowing it. It's not the end of the world but it's just odd that it just poofed like that on me.

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