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hey brah i have lots and lots of gold im godly i could afford to suit my whole care with them gems i currently have over a bil gold and i am a godly player i wont do it because whats the point in it. maby a select few will make the gems who got billions of gold it surely will not make the gold sink any better.

think about it, if you allow to craft them and sell them! you sell them for over 100mil per gem they 15mil gone from the 100mil not including the gem put in and take out of gears. so rethink you last statement. because your theory is totally wrong
al item are noticable every item created and or found gems or not have a id code if they both had the same exact stats if they were duped they would no by seeing that the id numbers if the same on both items how ever two exact ly same stated items or both legit found they would have two different id codes they even said they coded each item and that they can see what a player had in stash inventory and or equipped they have logs of all that stuff. so they know its going on now im going on all the blue posts i read i read every one i log on here every day to see what blues gotta say since the day 1 release.

This statement is partly incorrect. Yes, if you dupe a gem, they're going to be identical / have the same codes / etc. However, if you dupe, for example, 3 Radiant Star Gems and THEN craft them to make a Marquise Gem, the 3 gems become a new item with a new unique code. This method has been used for years in other games to create seemingly legit items like gems in massive quantities. With the exponentially increasing cost of gem crafting, and without a method to prevent duping of this sort, it is quite possibly the sole reason for Blizzard to implement account binding for Marquise gems.

If so, Blizzard, then what's stopping someone from duping Perfect Star Gems and creating Radiant Star Gems for profit?

Again, account binding is only a band-aid for a giant flesh wound. Do not make the items and/or gems account bound. We (your customers) do not want it. What we want is a stable and enjoyable environment to play in without some idiot(s) destroying the game you sold us.

Fix the problem; don't mask it.
i totally agree, couldn't have said it better myself :)

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