a female wizard walked into a bar............

i forgot the story but i'm giving away stuff

another ef, non ls and giving away two trium too. i guess beginning wiz will benefit but who knows

ill take it :D !! pretty pleaaaaase? :D

edit: will love you for ever and ever and ever... <3
What was she doing out of the kitchen?

thanks a lot :D !
I'll take it.

Never mind; guess you gave it away already.
the ls one? yeah
That was nice man. Props for giveaways. May the D3 gods ever be in your favor
thanks ds.
01/23/2013 08:07 PMPosted by KhalARon
What was she doing out of the kitchen?

Kicking !@# and taking names, of course.
What was she doing out of the kitchen?


She got kicked out for having the audacity to not know Fireball.
So much good will going around lately.

Kudos to u =)
hey picha u can actually use those ik gloves for a tr build for monks, is what ive read in monk forums
noted. thanks SP
damn i thought there would be more wiz jokes looool

anyway, she walked into a bar and...

teleported past the que to get her drink...but was using wormhole so teleported right back to the end by mistake
only tal armor or lvl 63 rare armor wearing female wizards are allowed in bars. seriously have you seen them in those armors? @_@
Am I the only one who noticed all those gibbering gemstones and liquid rainbows?

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