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I posted this more or less the other night, got a couple replies, and felt I should re-post it with some modifications.

The goal of this idea is multi-faceted:
1: To improve the usage of gems besides emeralds in weapons (thereby making the player capable of not only more reasonable choices, but deflating the cost for emeralds, which is unfair to anyone playing a DEX-based characters.)

Yes, in my design, amethysts are still not a prime choice for weapons, but they are buffed to make them more viable in tanking/mitigation builds or dual-socket weapons. Additionally (see below) their role in off-hands is intentionally enticing, hopefully improving the value of this item.

2: To provide special boosts to players who decide to use off-hands. They are a unique enough class of equipment to warrant their own gem effects. The loss in stats from this conversion shouldn't be game-breaking and should be adequately covered by this change.

3: Survival-based shield players in HC now have an extra reason to use those shields for mitigation!

Weapon: LOH+LOK
Helm: %Life Bonus
Other: +VIT
Offhand: Life Regen

Weapon: Crit Damage
Helm: GF+
Other: +DEX
Offhand: Movement Speed

Weapon: Crit Chance
Helm: XP+
Other: +STR
Offhand: Thorns

Weapon: Increased Attack Speed
Helm: MF+
Other: +INT
Offhand: Improved Resource Gain/Regeneration (a %, not a flat number)
Any thoughts? How about two gems (let's say Sapphire and Diamond) that are designed for PVP? What stats would you like to see?
Bumping this because I think it (or your thoughts along these lines) deserves a look.

I know bumping isn't cool, but I'm not cool, so w/e.

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