Bet system for PVP in diablo 3

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I think if Jay applied the bet system in PVP, so he'dnt had to quit his director position?
Bet system:
Team match (2vs2) - Solo - Arena (Free for All)
_ Players can choose between free PVP or pay for PVP
+ Pay for PVP:
Players pay for 10mil 50mil 100mil to join
Solo, the winners will take 80% that money, the rest pay for blizzard
Team match, money is divided equally between 2 players in win team
Arena, the last stand takes all 80% of the bet

I think if blizzard makes the bet PVP system like that, it will be the successful 1.07 patch ever
Plz vote for this idea :)
I actually really like this idea, teams and staking soo the game gets intense

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