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Bliz may be ignoring this problem, but they did fix some other major problems!
  • action house max bid exploit - fixed!
  • bug where followers were not listed in alphabetical order on web profiles - fixed!

It's wonderful to see that the Diablo 3 programmer is fixing important issues. It gives me hope that maybe this action house slowdown will be fixed, too.
So I waited the 72 hours as instrcuted on the blue posts on here for my item... still nothing so as suggested I submitted a ticket. Heres the reponse..


Greetings Xxxxxx!

Thanks for contacting us regarding your Auction House issue.

Blizzard customer support does not have the ability to adjust, modify, or alter any items or commodities purchased within the gold or Real Money Auction House in Diablo 3.
If your auction is having an issue granting you the gold, item, or money, please allow 5-10 days to pass after the auction has ended as there can be a delay in the return of goods.

After that time has passed, and the issue is still unresolved, please post to the Diablo 3 bug report forums for further assistance.


Customer Services
Kyle D.
Blizzard Entertainment <>
I just had the AH eat another 1 mil gold... thankfully not much. I also filed a ticket because at least this time I have a transaction ID.

I really don't know which is more insane... the fact that the AH is left in this state, or the fact that I will not go play something else and give up on this game.

Please, fix the AH or take it down.
It's been days now. Auction House still painstakingly slow.

It'd be really nice to know if they're working on this problem.
Amazingly I just received my item and the change from my winning bid...

I wish they would fix it though... Could you imagine if Ebay was doing this? lol
I'm missing 500k, or a crappy skorn...either way I would like one of those. I love how all my expired auctions remain on my bids list too. I wish you could manually remove them, as the 3 still on there have been expired for many hours now.
Just got screwed out of 10 million gold. Can't submit a ticket because the website doesn't work. Over 900 hours into Diablo 3, even more hours of that into diablo 2 and 1... PoE here I come. This is RIDICULOUS. It takes HOURS to work up that amount of gold... and the rewards for it are already pathetic. And now Im getting screwed out of my hours of work and have nothing to show for it?
Just take down the auction house and fix it
I noticed another problem: an item with 34 minutes left, but when you highlight it, the bid button does not work (and is greyed-out). Its an Oculus Ring i=165 mf=17.
They Need To seriously fix how slow The AH Is I am honestly sick of this and it is ruining the game for everyone... Just another reason for everyone to stop playing this Bugged out game
I lost hundreds of mils due to AH issues, you don't see me complaining.

It's still broken in many ways, just like duped items still exist.
I have 2 items that I can't sell because of the AH bugs. I first put them in there a couple of days ago. I cancelled the auctions to lower the prices. But now when I put them in it still shows the old amount and that the item has expired and won't show up with the new prices.
Censor every truthful piece of criticism Blizzard, maybe the problem will go away then.

Keep working on fixing rubies! Let the AH continue to be broken!
I'm having the exact same problem.

Contacted support 3 days ago, first I was told that the installation is corrupted and I should reinstall. Then I was told that it might be caused by my video card and insisted they're not going to look into my issue unless I send them my DxDiag. After submitted my DxDiag, now customer support is saying the issue is caused by "me running D3 on Windows on a Mac machine" and it's not supported.

It's always so easy to blame the paying customer, isn't it =)
Just lost a 45M ammy.

The auctions were listed with the active auctions, just said "expired" with time left. Tried to cancel to relist them, and one made it through, one is just gone.

Why is the auction house just taking my items?
Wow...this is kind of a big issue; it's pretty sad that the one Blue response in this thread didn't even acknowledge that there is a serious problem with the AH right now.
Not sure if someone mentioned this already but some of my items posted on RMAH and gold AH are unsearchable.
Found a blue post!

Not sure what was special about this single-post thread, but a response nonetheless...
Editted original post to include a list with many of the problems discussed so far.

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