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It sure feels like I've lost gold.

Logged on today to find an ammy I *think* I won, in the Bids section, showing my bid and proclaiming me "winning" but the time showed as Expired (it ended like 8 hours ago). No gold and no ammy in completed tab. When I refreshed AH window the auction went away, because it was Expired.

Hopefully I get my gold or ammy within the next day or two........ Until then its up to the Electron Gods I guess.
Found a blue post!

Not sure what was special about this single-post thread, but a response nonetheless...

If you've been a regular GAH/RMAH user the past couple months you'd see this is just a repeat of the same thing, and the take-home point is: We're not going to give you any details about what's going on, it's being worked on, no ETA, you'll get your stuff, eventually.

Most of these problems have actually been ongoing for a couple months. It's just that once in a while the problems go away for a few days. The core issue obviously hasn't been solved, but patched up at best.

Once you've experienced enough of these problems over time, as well as the corporate response to them, it gradually builds frustration levels.

Personally if I were running things I would report some details of what the problem actually is, with regular updates about progress in dealing with it, even if it's just figuring out what the problem actually is. People don't really appreciate the stonewalling. It's not like you have to appease everyone's whim for immediate moment to moment info-gratification. Just a daily update with meaningful details instead of just the same old message, would work.
02/02/2013 09:27 AMPosted by Baboy
Not sure if someone mentioned this already but some of my items posted on RMAH and gold AH are unsearchable.

This is happening to me as well. Some of my items post fine. Others show up on my personal auction item list but not on the AH. Other folks can't see these items as well.

I listed one item a couple of days ago and took it down for re-pricing. It is still showing at the original price but has "expired" listed next to it.
I have done a little testing, and found that SPECIFIC ITEMS seem to cause the AH to slow to a crawl, while others work just fine.

In one example, I was able to post, cancel, send to stash, post, etc., ITEM A over and over, with no lag time. However, with ITEM B, in the same session, when attempting to repeat the same procedure (and even when alternating between items), posting took minutes, cancelling took minutes, sending to stash took minutes, etc.

ITEM A never lagged, and ITEM B always did.

Really strange, since you would think a transaction would be a transaction regardless of what item it targets...
yeah i have noticed that my items that sold for less gold went through instantly and the high value items are all still pending
The most annoying thing is when you post something valuable and it's not searchable. I have stuff up that just plain will not show up in searches no matter how many times I relist it.
supposedly they worked on it a couple days ago wow great success
So I haven't sold a single item in a few days now and I keep lowering my prices close to free and still I went and checked and try to find some of my auctions...yep, none of them are there eventhough they show up as listed for 20+ hours on my "Auctions" tab. don't be fooled into thinking you have to lower your prices to sell, if something ends up listing, you might be losing a good chunk of money because this AH is still broken and not because the demand isn't there for your item at a higher price.

All my auctions have been taken down until this is resolved. Pretty sad there is still no fix.
broken beyond all man kind...
its not just delay problems...a huge issue is that things that you list DON'T APPEAR on the auction house
I don't know..I've had a few lowbie pieces sell, so I have to figure some of these items are being seen. But get this:

You are only suppose to be allowed to have 10 auctions up at any one time between RMAH and Gold, right?

Well I seem to have like 15 up or so it appears I do. I had put some items on the gold AH then switched over to list some on the RMAH unitl it told me you reached your max or you couldn't list because I forgot how many gold auctions I had. So I'm listing and listing and paused and looked up and I had like 9 RMAHs there and I knew I had more than 1 gold listed.

So I log out of the AH and back in to see all my RMAH ones there and all my gold ones there,,,so 14 or 15 auctions "appear" on my side to be listed. But listening to all the stories in the thread, who knows how many are even seen lol
Havent had any problems.. but since 30-31th of January until now I still cant receive my Vile Wards back worth half a bill and it has been more than 5 days . If those issues with the AH are not resolved, this would be the last nail in the coffin for me with D3 seriously.
PAssed 100hrs here and nothing is going on with my tiket......
So now technical support is saying to wait 5-10 days and if the item doesn't show up to post here. It's already been 5 days... this is just getting ridiculous.
Same problem here, had been waited for many days, no gold and no items back... I'm very disappointed at Blizzard now. :(
response 1 - wait 24 hours

response 2 - wait 48-72 hours

response 3 - wait 72+ hours

What is going on here...?
There is light at the end of the tunnel! After days of agony and cybering with Blizzard peons about my missing 40mil, I woke up today to find the item I had bid on almost 5 days ago sitting in my completed items, along with the leftover bid money. So my advice is to just relax and find something else to focus on while the Blizzard wizards are trying to fix our beloved auction house. Your items and gold are not lost forever!
Yay, just got an item back after like 6 days. Wait, that's funny... it takes 30 seconds to stash it... guess the exact same thing's gonna happen after I repost it! LOL
02/04/2013 07:39 PMPosted by Max0r
Yay, just got an item back after like 6 days. Wait, that's funny... it takes 30 seconds to stash it... guess the exact same thing's gonna happen after I repost it! LOL

I was trying to post an item and it took like a minute to get authorized. Then I couldn't search for the item like it's not even on the ah. I tried to take it off and it took 30 sec, also at least 30 sec to stash it like you... I re-posted it and it became searchable after like 12 hours... I guess the ah is just slow but the funny thing is it only happens to this one item (a witching hour), all my other rares have no problems in the ah. I hope they fixed this mess in tomorrow's long maintenance!
so the support is through forums which they choose if they want to read when they want to read and no ticket?


AH has been useless for the last week. Same as everyone else, truncated lists, slow to update/populate, invalid error messages "cant sell item because you have 0 or more items that are in the completed" "0 or more???"

not good. It is one aspect of the game which is neat and a differentiator and love the game... hate the lag. I have 1G connection and a new PC so pretty sure it isnt me....
yeah... this is seriously getting ridiculous. the only reason i hate this game is because there is constantly something wrong. auction house just screwed me over about 400k.

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