WD AR/Armor/HP Balance?

Witch Doctor
Im wondering what a good balance of AR/Armor/HP is for higher MP levels (5-8 or so), ive been building armor over the last little while but now i realize i may have too much and should swap some out for AR/HP.

Also id prefer not to be too squishy.
You seem to be pretty damned balanced to me loo.

Im squishier than you and I can do mp5-7 with little effort.
I'm at 7-8 comfortably with 50 HP(ish) 4k armor 600-700 all resist unbuffed.
Yeah, you could happily sacrifice 500 Armor for another 100 AR, but I'd look at getting the dps up if you want to tackle higher MP lvls. Stuff starts taking a damn long time to kill in 8 up.
Thanks for the input.

Bought a witching hour and new gloves, currently at 544AR, 50kHp, 132kdps, 4500 armor.

Planning on getting a decent zuni ring soon, i will lose 6-8k dps or so but will gain some life as well as 115+AR due to zuni 3 set bonus

Also is the Visage of Giyua AR really worth it? Im not sure how i feel giving up 90Vit, 300 armor, and a couple CC just for 70-80AR.
VoG is worth it more for the skill bonus it can offer. It's a solid piece if you can use it.

Gets tricky here, though. Higher MP lvls, and TotD isn't so good. So most will keep TotD for lower farming, and use an Uhk or String of Skulls for the higher stuff - and using SoS frees up a slot elsewhere for the Zuni set bonus. Most turn to the VoG instead of the Zuni helm, and some switch out the Pox.
I was actually thinking of using a Uhk (can gain as much as 10k dps even just on a decent one) but i have become accustom to grave injustice and i dont see how i would keep my life up without it (although its useless against elites when there are no white mobs around), im not sure if 3%LS is enough to carry me through higher MP levels, although BBV rain dance+Bears allows me to tank most elites up to MP5, after that it starts to get a bit iffy.
Yeah, both GI and GF get a bit useless for me around MP7. Just not killing enough quickly enough to make it worth it.
Although i could get a good set of jousting mail for the LOH (would probably work well with bears, 3 bears hitting 1-5 enemies, that would give me 1500-7500life per ZB cast assuming a LOH of 500) and a VoG to make up for the lost AR, not sure how that would work out though.

Ill take other tips too if you have any.
I can do mp5 rather easy now, just got myself up to 4k armor and 700 AR. I think i could pull off mp10 maybe. The build im using http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/witch-doctor#ShdYTU!aWX!caYbYa helps me out, mp5 feels like mp1. Life link + Jungle fortitude + Bad medicine cause quite a bit of dmg reduction and locust swarm with pestilence spreads poison like wild fire causing everything to atk for less.
Bears doesn't give Life on Hit ...

I have 1100 allres with 4000 armor, in the hunt for more life though.
A good balance or guiding rule is

for every 1000 armor you want 100 base AR

a lot of people mistake their buffed AR for base AR for instance @frisky "4k armor and 700 AR." when its really 4k armor and 452 AR and that's a good place to be for sure, and MP5 is going to be fun with those stats, but its not MP 10 geared, well not easily MP10 anyway. DPS is too low and hp's are way too low AR and armor are likely too low.

I can comfortably farm MP7 and 8 with little to no deaths how I am geared. I can do MP10 ubers but i still feel my DPS is too low, my HP's are too low.

The real issue is you hit the wall of 2 billion gold an item once you get around MP7 builds.
for easy mp10 farming i see no way around some heavy LoH and Acid-Cloud for healing. apart from all the other things that have been mentioned before.

aim for 500k+ EHP (check at the obvious sites), LL, 1k+ LoH and 150k+ dps.
not saying it's impossible with lower stats but imo it's not fun.

500k+ should be somewhere around 70k hp, 700+ allres, 4k-ish armor (i think ^^).

do dmg with bears, heal up with acid cloud (in case LL from bear is not sufficient - and this will happen at least vs. ubers and RD).

some hints to keep in mind:
- LL scales with dps
- armor has synergies with frightening aspect (which i highly recommend)
- use 1-2 bear-cost reduction items especially vs. ubers (mojo, soj, helm in that order)
- blood ritual, spirit-walk honored guest and vision quest are your best friends vs. mana issues, raindance if you want to use it (long cooldown)

500k+ should be somewhere around 70k hp, 700+ allres, 4k-ish armor (i think ^^).

500k EHP is around where I am. 50k HP 4k armor and 580 BASE AR. I show as 456k EHP cause of the exp gem in the helm atm.
sry, better go with the stats i posted then...
My stats is good for farming mp 7-8 ubers MP 10 with friends. farming MP 10 you need more dps and HP like Archvile. I have like 140 less armor then him but around 80 more AR, defensivly we are around the same.
Its the 300k dps he has that makes all the difference at that point. The extra HP's don't hurt but in MP 10 they have so many HP's that it comes down to it takes to long to kill them.

One thing about EHP that gets people is vitality changes make huge differences once you have the defencive stats in place. Just swapping my exp gem to %life took me from 456k to 517k another 20 k HP would easly take me to to 800k EHP or better, like if i swapped all my Int gems for vital.

It costs my damage tho, so its a ballancing act of dps and defences to get to where you want to go. too much of one with out the other does not really work all that well cept for Zero Dog
I read about people using bears for damage and acid rain for HP regen using LOH, how viable is this? Ive heard acid rains LOH is goos but i didnt think it was that good.
01/25/2013 10:21 AMPosted by Taibok
I read about people using bears for damage and acid rain for HP regen using LOH, how viable is this? Ive heard acid rains LOH is goos but i didnt think it was that good.

Its perfectly fine I have not used LS in ages, I didn't even start using LoH till MP5 and above and I only have 600 LoH when I am doing MP10 ubers so *shrug*. Its all in how you play and how strong your defences are.
01/25/2013 10:21 AMPosted by Taibok
I read about people using bears for damage and acid rain for HP regen using LOH, how viable is this? Ive heard acid rains LOH is goos but i didnt think it was that good.

Yes it is a viable option.

You will be giving up some affix slots in multiple pieces to allow for the LoH. I opt to go strictly bears for everything and just live with the LS on my weapon. The only issue you run into with that is when you run into an RD pack and the 3% LS isn't enough to sustain life with heavy hitting bears. This is why people opt to stack some LoH (blackthorn pants are popular, ammy, rings, etc.) since the proc rate of AcidCloud allows you to tank ReflectDamage affix better.

Now with the change to RD coming in the patch... it allows me to really not worry about any affix with just the LS on my weapon. If you have decent dps, bears + LS can sustain your life in any MP level.

It all comes down to the build you want to play and gear yourself for that build style. I didn't like LoH taking up affix slots in multiple gear locations and wanted to do the maximum amount of damage which is why I opt'ed for my build.
Thanks a ton for the info ofgortens, i tried getting rid of grave injustice for blood ritual and just rely purely on bears for regen, and it worked pretty well, the only thing that really get me is ranged enemies and sometimes faster enemies, also using haunt w/ frightening aspect really seems to help out too.

Also i notice you are using a Uhkapian, is the zombie charger reduc/damage increase really worth it? Because TotD's always have max mana and mana regen, and getting a uhk with int/vit/mana regen/max mana/ZC reduc is either impossible or crazily expensive.

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