The year is 2013 and you are the new Game Director..

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..What would you do?

Keep it constructive and realistic. Removing AH and re-writing the entire story and firing x amount of people is helping no one.
Tell us what areas in the game, you want to specifically target, and how you want to achieve that?

Personally, I'd divide my attention into two main categories: Customization and Itemization.

-Rework the stats system in such a way that each attribute is useful for all classes.
-Reintroduce stat allocation, and item requirements
-Introduce "Paragon skill points", a way to further augment and customize your favorite skills outside of itemization.

-Diversity between the elements so that they are not just graphical changes.
- Add several new affixes that can rival that of the CD+socket combo, or mainstat+vit+allres, so that hitting the jackpot is easier, and adds to diversity.
- Rework the majority of legendary items so that they are more unique utility items with flavor and personally rather than a rare BIS with another color. Examples of current utility items could be SOJ, Justice Lantern and Goldskin. Skorn and Manticore are prime examples of what I would want to avoid.
- Add 3-5 new gems, especially to rival emerald in weapon and amethyst in helm
-Rework the gems when placed in armors. Flat stats are boring. Runspeed, ressource generation, cooldown reduction etc. now THAT is interesting.
- Rework the topaz in weapons
- Find ways to make blue and white items worth hovering over. Blue items could be imbued, to add 2-4 ADDITIONAL affixes. Thus if you find a blue item with 1200 dps, you could imbue it and hope for CD+socket and hit the jackpot.

What would YOU do?
Create an AH free version with enhanced drops/quality and change items so that they have interesting....actually, I have changed my mind. I think the game needs a total re-start.
Stuff I would add in or do:

- Endless dungeon
- Siege/horde mode
- Rework map randomization
- Side quests with useful rewards
- Team deathmatch
- Add more customization to the skill/rune system
- Add weapon swap
- Reinstate the mystic
- Rework the blacksmith
- Completely overhaul the stat system (which then flows on to items)
- Completely overhaul the chat system
- Give players the ability to create games with names/objectives/goals

That's all I can think of right now.
Item Sinks
Gold Sinks
The ambient, Call me nostalgic but i loved the darkness of D2, in d3 you just don't have that. Portal beasts(ala torchlight 2) Jewels (we want neat and cool effects, % to call forth a baby dragon on hit? call down a rain of heavenly arrows from the skies? +% of effects occurring?) More Acts, more variety of monsters( I know this ain't no skyrim but, where are the dragons?) More map randomization(it's just inexistent at this point) A total overhaul of the AH, making it so that you no longer place a price for the item, but it would work more like a "marketplace" You put your items there for a quantity specified by the marketplace, depending on the affixes and the overall quality of the item the marketplace will put a price to it, then it can be purchased by another player. I would cut the gold cap to something like 500.000.000 or even less, right now is just nonsense, 1 Billion? c'mon, I can't think of anything more right now, but there is much more to be redone.
Keep it coming..
It would be nice if blizzard brought something new into this game, something other than just four acts that you play over and over again. Maybe a new act or a way to design weapons then create them, not just learn plans... But what i think would be pretty sick would be some sort of survival how many waves of monsters can you defeat? Have prizes, just make it interesting and new. It doesn't have to be perfect, just different than the same old four acts.
01/20/2013 03:57 AMPosted by LunathirEth
Create an AH free version with enhanced drops/quality and change items so that they have interesting....actually, I have changed my mind. I think the game needs a total re-start.

I agree with this. Two new optional modes. Hardcore with no AH and Softcore with no AH.

The other modes will still exist so no harm no foul if you like the AH then don't go anywhere near the new modes.

As for it creating 3rd part sites that will sell loot to people in the new mode it's too late for that because of the cut the in game rmah takes, the cap on how much an item can sell for and the cap on how little gold can be sold for there are already plenty of 3rd party sites.

All the rmah did was make selling loot casual. Take away the ease and casualness of it and most people won't even bother. Anyway they would be optional modes so again no harm no foul.
01/20/2013 03:47 AMPosted by Cavemandiary
-Introduce "Paragon skill points", a way to further augment and customize your favorite skills outside of itemization.

How would that work for smoke screen? If you let it increase duration you'll break the game again.

Broad ideas are great until you actually have to implement them and think about what you're affecting.
the biggest thing i would focus on is reducing the amount of randomization on top end items, especially legendary and set items. for example, Bows would have a higher chance to roll +dex, and have a higher min value they could role. in addition, items with +dex have a higher chance of rolling +Dh/monk abilities, although weapons unusable by that class wont have any chance.

then, i would focus on adding in a survival mode, where your furthest progress would display on your profile. there would be an elite pack after every X waves, and you would start out with or easily be able to aquire 5 stacks of NV.
Step 1: Apologise to fans publicly with something that at least looks heart felt.

Step 2: Take diablo 2 LoD in its prime, and improve on it.

Step 3: Heavily modify Bnet2.0 to function like Bnet1.0 because lets be honest, Bnet2.0 is complete garbage for any social game.

Step 4: Integrate new bnet into what you produced from step 2.

Step 5: Sell it at a discount price with another apology for releasing a product with less quality, content and polish than a $20 steam sale game.

Step 6: Profit on future titles with regained goodwill.
oh please just say gimmie,gimmie,gimmie. The games foundation is solid. The ah's are here to stay. The gold AH mitigates the loss of trade games and the rmah helps deter 3rd party vendors. It also gives the players a level field in acquiring gear this way. before the cheaters had an advantage over the players that did not buy from 3rd party sites. Anything put in place to combat botting,duping,hacking and exploiting will not be changing.

It would be an optional mode. The ah would go nowhere in the normal modes. Trading in arpgs promotes a community feel that this game seriously needs so that being removed totally sucks.

The rmah hasn't stopped 3rd party sites at all, do a google search. Also I love how you called people that buy loot cheaters so the rmah, according to you, allowed more people to cheat? lol. Pretty accurate I guess.

The rmah does nothing at all to prevent botting,duping,hacking and exploiting.
01/20/2013 03:47 AMPosted by Cavemandiary
-Reintroduce stat allocation, and item requirements

As a demon hunter why would I ever do anything other than

Str for gear
Int for gear
Rest in dex

Can you explain to me how the system would benefit me otherwise?
1- Game name for more social
2- stats/skills points again like D2
3- 6/8 players/party
4- Jewel
5- runes
6- many new legendary item from lv8 to 54
7- pvp overall with "yes button" for all players ( if don't push "yes", noone can beat you).

2 minutes idea ... for free ...
You cant fix the current Game anymore, it isnt possible.
Its like building a house on a rotten Base. Nothing good comes from it.

So there are really only 2 options.

1.) Take the whole Game offline, and start from scratch.
2.) Offer the money back, if people decide to return the game.

You would have never sold that much copies anyway if the people knew about this whole mess.
And all the false promises from pre release trailers, pvp etc... its only fair to offer option 2.

Next step would be, working on a new Client...with completely changed Core Gameplay.
Put up Beta Servers everybody can play on, and fix more Stuff on the fly until everything is right.

Blizzard has proven in the past, that they are not afraid to take strong & drastic measures.
Lets see if they still got it in them.

I pretty much doubt it, because it would mean they would have to admit :
"Hey Guys. you are right, we screwed up big time".
Regroup all resources, cut ties to the D3 mess, start over... Must be done.
I would try to balance all classes much more, especialy in things of farming and leveling speed, depending on their skills. So this means nerfing Barbarians and/or buffing all other classes so that everyone has the same chances to farm as efficient as the others. Can't be that WW Barbs so high over the top compared to all other classes. This also means improvements and changes in skills and game mechanics of course.
I'm also for a less gear-dependent gameplay. But I guess then the whole game had to be started from scratch.
Crafting also needs a serious overhaul, especialy the blacksmith.
-non linear open world module to explore (call it act 5) containing dungeon instances designed to require more then one player to clear, each containing a prime evil boss and signature minions from d2. purely endgame. (andy, duriel, meph... etc) I would set this module in the hells with Izuals ghost as a guide npc, use one maybe two tilesets and cap it off with a venture into the pit to see what lurks beneath. Izual will guide the player to the hells if the player gives him his old sword azurewrath. The fallen angel then rewards the players with some insight into what may have become of leah. (if they care to know)

-nemesis- randomly generated anti-hero using player skills and stat lines to spawn randomly and actively hunt the player.

-crafting- change blacksmith designs so that they added item props to existing white items with a random roll and progressively greater cost. Players could choose properties but it would still be a random quality roll. not exceeding a total of 6 properties one of which may be a legendary property(eg. slain moster rest in pieces).

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