Online RPGs Incentives ?

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MMORPG and Online ARPG...

Those gamed have very different mechanics but they share the same 3 ways to keep players online.

1.Community ( Guilds/Coop/Competition/PvP...)
2. Character progression ( Level, Gear, Spells...)
3. Challenge (Bosses, Meaningfull Achivements, Difficulty, Time Attack...)

Diablo 3 Fail on every single one of those.

1. No channels, No Guilds, No Balanced PVP

2. The only layer of progression after the 4 to 10 hours required to hit lvl 60 is gear.Plain and simple.Paragon is a way to get more gear (the stats bonus is meaningless).
Problem is that itemization sux.Your only looking for a better Mempo,Vile Wards, Lacuni etc..or a better trifecta ring/amulet.You can get them for billions of golds cause the probability of getting it by yourself is ULTRA low.How to get thoses billions of golds ? Play the AH cause it 1000x more time effective than killing monsters (how cool).

3.No challenge at all.Monster power is not challenge.Its just brutal fight : YourGear vs Monsters.
Elites are just a "get out of that shiny effect" fest.The only "challenging" and kinda amusing moments are butcher and belial while undergeared.

This game is far from "finely tuned" and far from any other Blizzards Game quality level.

Release Diablo 4 in 2015 and forget this crap and every single addon in dev.

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