Help can do mp7 easy but not mp3 ubers

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I have only like 13mil right now and was thinking about saving for a good ik chest what would benefit me most right now to be able to do realm of turmoil on mp3 thanks
If your barbarian is your main character, try to gain more vita/life for her because no matter what monster power the Ubers dish out alot of damage. Try to gain vita/life without loosing other important stats such as All resistances, criticle chance, criticle damage, attack speed and defense ect...

Also, Life on hit or Life steal is very good for all characters, so you dont depend on potions to heal. When you upgrade your items always try to get 3-5 main stats, if you can afford it.

If you cant afford something right away, then you might want to wait a little bit longer to make enough gold to be able to afford something good so you dont end up upgrading one item more then ones.

Hopefully this was helpfull, good luck!


This can apply for every character.

Important stats:

Main Attribute (Strength, dex, intelligance)
All resistances
Criticle chance
Criticle damage
Life on hit
Life Steal
Attack speed
If you are doing it solo good luck. Scoundrel with Buriza-do Kanyon for freeze will help.

-About 5k more life.

-Blackthorn pants are a better option than depth diggers.

-Drop warcry for overpower - killing spree.
THanks man ya when I did ubers i put some stars in my weapons to get more life on hit but i was taking a bit too much damage so ill focus on more defense and less dps build next time
try this with a DH.. i can do mp6/7.. but mp3 is about max i can do ubers. there is no way to do it without a tank. Even if i do a freeze type build (elemental arrow light bolts that stun on crit hit... and i have 70% cc with scoundrel)
need defense in order to survive. this game does a pretty terrible job explaining the balance between offense and defense. it wasnt unhtil i started hardcore that i learned how to balance defense and offense, as well as learn to play faster and to what degree i should be aggressive.

i can do mp6 ubers in HC no trouble with a couple friends :) (in fact, 3 of us carried someone in mp6)

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