Marquise Gems are Stupid

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Why can't you give us MORE gems and DIVERSE gems?

Runes? Jewels?

You know you will add these things, except it will take you another 10-15 years to put it into the game.

In the mean time you want us to make the same 4 gems costing near 100 mil per, each costing 10 mil to unsocket. Is this your idea of "fun" and "better itemization"?

Why don't you give us what this franchise already had (runes, jewels, itemization) through the current patches and save the real BRAND new ideas for expansions? Instead, you want to stall us with marquise gems until you come out with what we've already seen in a Diablo expansion.

Why will it take another 10-15 years (on top of the 10 you already had) to make D2 LoD with better graphics? This is what's really frustrating the players. You can make it LoD now, but you don't have any better plans for an expansion. As a result, you stall us with garbage things that the game does not need. Marquise gems???? It's really a shame.
I've already posted why I think this game needs runewords:

The Marquise gems coming in 1.07 are probably the worst item in the game because they bind to your account. What this does, and I think Blizzard is trying to sneak this in without telling anyone, is sucks gold out of the economy, and very quickly. In my opinion, we should be boycotting them.

Of course Radiant Star gems themselves aren't cheap, you need 15 million to craft them, and that doesn't take the gems or tomes into account. However, if you decide that you need some quick gold to buy another item, you can sell your gem almost right away on the auction house. If you were naive enough to make 3 of those Star gems into a Marquise, then you just binded 100 million gold to your account, and you can never spend that gold again.

Sure the new Marquise ruby looks tempting, and without a doubt there will be players trying it on to see how it affects their dps. But the moment you create a Marquise gem, it becomes worthless to everyone else. Want to unsocket it? Well that's another 5 million gold gone forever as well.
i dont think blizz is trying to sneak about the fact that they want more and better gold sinks. the game is over saturated with gold right now, and if this will get some of it out of the system i welcome it. i personally wont be upgrading to marquise because i cant afford it, but think it will ultimately server a decent purpose if blizz is able to crack down on botting/duping/faking rollbacks.

nothing wrong with adding another tier to the gems, but i do agree more gems and possibly jewels would be nice in this game. i do not think it needs runewords though. runewords were basically crafted uniques in diablo 2. they had specific stats which varied in quality each time you made one. diablo 3 has this with the legendary/set plans. the only problem is that most of them are not worth using. atleast none that ive seen. so i think these are what need attention instead of adding a new system to the game which would just add a lot more to be balanced, most likely slowing them on other stuff that would improve the game more.
It's known that they like to fix the game by "doubling it"

- added Inferno
- added plvl
- added MP
- new tier of gems
Blizzard saves those jewels and runewords for the expansion. Right now we can't customize our chars.

diablo3 char endgame
cc, cd, ias, stat, resistance, armor, vita

that's it (don't forget to copy one of the 2-3 skillsets your class provides

We all know that we don't need "more of the same, but bigger".

More of the things, that you don't need won't make you more happy.
It would be nice to see gems/runes that grant specific (fire/ice/lightning/poison/arcane/holy) elemental resistances/damage bonuses to armor/weapons respectively ... also, it would be nice to have gems/runes that add other qualities to armor such as armor, life regen, all res, damage reflection/reduction, crit resist, and others for weapons such as life steal, crit chance (instead of crit damage which should be nerfed to 50% of the current gems effects), chance to bleed/freeze/slow/fear etc.

This would greatly enhance build diversity for players ... and provide a better gaming experience for everyone
Agreed. We don't need a new tier of gems. We need the ones that we already have to not be useless as well as more types of gems and other socketables.

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