D3 Not Launching -Stops responding after Play

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Ok, let me know the results, and any new crash errors. I'll await and see if I get any new information from the team.
More goodness after the team responded:

This time the problem seems to be with the DesktopVideoOut component. Have him try moving /Library/QuickTime/DesktopVideoOut.component out of /Library/QuickTime and launch Diablo 3. Also, ask him if there are any messages in the system Console. I'm not sure where the DesktopVideoOut component is coming from (I'm guessing it is from Final Cut again). I want to try to reproduce the issue in house as well so we can raise the issue with Apple. Can you ask him which version of Final Cut he has on his system? Was this the first version of Final Cut he installed or did he have older version prior to the current version that is installed. Removing these plugins and components are not really a solid solution so we should still try to get to the bottom of the issue. Thanks.

You may want to try the FCP X uninstall first to see if it helped. You may want to also make backups of the components and any FCP files you have just to be sure nothing goes wrong. I'd hate for any of your projects to be affected. Our team wants to help resolve this for you and anyone else that may have issues. We're trying to get in house copies of the software you mentioned to see if we can reproduce the issue and notify Apple. It may be hard acquire FCP 7 though...
Oh my god I was starting to forget what that music sounded like! I didn't have time to actually get into a game but the login screen launched which to me is success!

Obviously this isn't a full on fix, I'll likely need that component back at some point, but at least for now I know a temporary fix. I did get rid of FCP X too (didn't change anything) but that's fine, I never used it and can get it back. So, just so you're aware, you can cut that out of your further testing.

It will be tough for you guys to get FCP 7 but if you want to try the exact version my iMac is running FCP 7.0.3 which I believe is as new as apple made.

In any case, at least for now, we have ourselves a temporary fix. I kept the files on my external so if I need them I can put them back pretty easily. Thank you very much for all your help!
Awesome. I'll pass this along. Thanks!
Oh, I should add on as well, I remembered something.

I believe the component I had may have been older which might have been what was causing the crash. I was having an issue with full screen previews in FCP during cutting of one of my projects back in December (when I noticed D3 crashing) and I had installed a replacement component in the FCP files to try and fix the problem. If I recall correctly it was the DesktopVideoOut component that was causing the problem above.

Just thought I'd throw that out there, might save you guys some trouble. I believe if FCP7 is fully up to date (this was an older file) there shouldn't be a problem. I completely forgot I had done this until I opened up Final Cut the other day after removing the component and everything worked fine.

Just figured you should know. Big thanks again for all your help getting back up and running.

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