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Hi, folks,

In an ongoing attempt to learn more about the D3 economy, I'd like to ask for some help. Would you please tell me how much my current Barb gear, either individual pieces or all pieces, is worth in gold? In other words, how much should I expect to get if I sold this on the AH or privately. I'm very curious; I feel that some of my pieces are very good and some are mediocre or average at best.

Note: my current gear set-up is all about MP1 Magic Find farming.

Thanks very much in advance.
not much honestly. I'm not sure if anyone would even want to buy your set in the first place.

You're the first person i've seen in a long while to bother about mf gear. I think mf% on gear has been unnecessary since a few patches ago.
I'm not actually selling the gear, just wondering what the pieces are worth.
Hi Free,

I too have a lot of magic find gear on all of my characters which I use when I paragon level them on MP0/MP1 in addition to another set of gear for Ubers/Keys/etc... Hopefully that gives some perspective into the market for magic find gear.

I think you and ArchAngel are both right. This will probably sell less for a set than for the individual pieces as the people who have the money to purchase the complete set would probably see it as a hassle to get rid of a lot of stuff that they don't want and probably don't need the magic find anyway. The lower paragon level characters won't have the money. So either way it probably won't sell. That being said you do have some decent pieces there that you can definitely sell individually. Nothing that I would consider end game but decent. I will list out the items that I think would be worth more than 500K and I will try my best to give you my best estimate as to what price range you would get if you tried to sell the piece individually (either through a bid auction or listing the item as a buyout).
1. The X Amulet on your DH ~ 1M
The only real characters that use the amulet would be Tempest Rush Monks who either use it to paragon level on MP1 or MP2 (usually they don't need it though) or farm Act 2 normal (the vast majority of the use for it) for Leoric's Signet. I would guess maybe 1M as the spirit regeneration is really low and the stats would not be very attractive for a Leoric's farmer.

2. Stout Loup Ring on your DH ~ 200K (OK, maybe I will give prices for everything above 100K)
It has Str, AR and decent CHC, but it lacks one more thing (ATS, Vit, etc...) to make it really attractive.

3. Shoulders on your Barb ~ 250K
Medium Strength stats a little low vitality (no life %) but high AR.
4. Belt on the Barb ~ 100K-200K
This is a very rough estimate as I like many others would never touch a barb belt without life steal (unless its a witching hour). This belt along with a lot of the items you have are mostly for people who have just reached inferno for the first time and are struggling to survive. To these people survival is the first thought into their mind, magic find does not even enter the equation.

5. Tyrael's Might ~ 1M
I honestly haven't seen the prices on these in a long time. Like most items I don't think MF will cause a shift in prices (at least not in a bid auction, you can charge extra for it on buyout and hope that in an unlikely case someone give significantly more for the magic find).

6. The Wailing Host -~ 2M-4M
Good strength and vit for those who need it. No great stats like CHD or ATS that would make it attractive to someone who wants a little more.
7. Bul Kalthos - > 100K
I really have no clue as to the value of this item as I have never sought it, used or ever will. I do know that beginning barbs for some reason like to use it. Therefore there is a market for it though for the dps you get its overpriced.

8. Barb Bracers ~ 200K
Its really only because of the perfect 6CC and 80AR that I think this might be worth 200K. That being said it can be sniped or bought out for a lot less.
Finally we get to the good stuff.

9. Demonic Amulet ~ 1M-7M
This is where I feel your magic find might really help the selling price as there are some people who specifically look for magic find on their amulet as it can have 45% MF. That being said it is missing generally everything else that people look for. It really depends on who is buying and how much they want to spend at the moment. There really isn't that liquid of a market for this item. I have tried to sell an item like this but with other desirable stats (no main stat or vit though I had life % and solid fire resist for a fire monk) and couldn't sell it for 750K buyout though I see similar comparables to my item at 20M and above. If you want to sell this it might be better to spam the general chat and forums as you are looking for a particular type of buyer and they might be harder to reach.
10. Barb Glove ~ 5M
A solid dps glove that might provide some protection for a cold monk. It doesn't have main stats, vitality, or all resist though so your best market is for the cold monks.

11. Vital Wheel Ring ~ 10M or more
By far the best item you have on your barb in my opinion at least. Perfect CHC and CHD and both MF and GF. Now if it had pickup radius too that would be really good. Rings just with the CHC and CHD stats are extremely rare and you can definitely get a decent amount for this.
I hope I have provided some help to you. Essentially ArchAngel is right though. Our characters are judged by the set we have not necessarily the individual items. A little while back my barb was at 110K dps with 450 AR and 40K life and it was judged to be worth only 6-8 million as a set even though there were items on him that were definitely worth more. Now when I switched out his gear with some IK stuff the estimates suddenly go a lot higher even though the stats might be lower. It's surprising how our mind tricks us sometime.

And to give you the individual prices from just off the top of my head still took 10 minutes. If you really want to figure out the prices by yourself take a look at the auction house and look for the crucial stats (usually magic find is not one of them) and then use your own personal judgement and decide for yourself what you would pay.
Thanks very much, Paragon. That was very helpful.

Just a reminder: I am NOT selling my gear/sets. I'm just trying to get an understanding of prices/market demand from individuals as opposed to the AH prices as the two don't always add up. But the MF has definitely worked for me--I've found some good drops in the past 60 mil rings and such) and a few IK pieces that I use for DPS.

I agree with your estimation on the "good" pieces--most of them I acquired far under the prices you listed by sniping, but I've checked them against similiar stats minus MF in the AH and found that the list prices to be much higher. I've found that MF does increase the cost in the AH, sometimes by quite a bit, but it's certainly not a heavy value state like AR, CC, CHD, or IAS.

If anyone else would like to comment on the gear (Barb gear only--the rest is junk), I'm all ears.

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