What does it take to tank Sk's walk?

Mag's a bigger headache for the other party members, so I dislike repositioning and cutting her loose, even for a couple seconds. Better to tank both and not move if it can be helped (gear permitting).

When SK does his warning animation for incoming spin, I see that as that a bad time to allow mag to toss flies/beams as well.
Forgot the most important part, tanking both offers the best proc rates. No way I'm jousting SK and unlocking magda (who's stuck at 75%) so she can shield up.
When he starts swinging, tele over him so he has to turn around. You should end up only taking the first hit or two, then tele and have a second to regain hp before he hits you another once or twice.
@Judist: It's called being on a budget. :p And Physical Resist is one of those stats that's actually not useless when it's rolled on an item, unlike most affixes. ;)
Also if you using Teleport, just use the Safe Passage rune. 4secs - 30% damage. Can let you tank them easier if you plan on staying in.
Just solo mp10 mag/sk again for giggle. With 3.01 BP/110k DPS, SK never move.
My strat is to focus on mag and sk will come (teleport or walk) right after. Once two of them are close, they shouldn't move and no arcane beam coming out from mag at all.
You cant freeze him while he's walking anyways....so is there any point to tanking it other than bragging rights?

When he walks....I take 2 steps back. Its not hard.
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@Judist: It's called being on a budget. :p And Physical Resist is one of those stats that's actually not useless when it's rolled on an item, unlike most affixes. ;)


I stacked phy res way back when cm+blades+shield was a common setup. Had well over 1200 physical and hated it. Looked good on paper but was a wasted an entire set of gear.

Dex, str, double int/vit rolls and +armor worked better for generic stats. Static damage reducers were noticeably amazing. Making sure I had good hp and loh gave the stability.

Much later, I started Mp10 with 550 allresists, 4k armor, 45k hp and a litany+talBP with reduced damage. I could tank anything without crystal shell.

Today I farm with 650 allresists, 5.2k armor, 50k hp and its enough for any 99% of encounter in the game. The ring+bp are still in my bags for the remaining 1%.
I can tank SK's walk with crystal shell on full windup with twisters on magda and no bees/lasers hitting me

800+ RA
5k+ armor
1200 LOH
40k life.

4 party MP10 ubers
@Judist: Physical Resistance is more of a nice thing. If I had the choice for "better" stats in those slots like Avg.Damage/CD or maybe more vitality/%life, I wouldn't mind the switch; however, it's good damage mitigation on a budget. I particularly notice it's value against RD and big hits like Leoric. It also absorbs Desecrator damage.
Blur and Safe passage keep me alive, only 4150armor and ~6-7--AR

That's not a bad idea. I always run safe passage, but mostly as an oh sh** get out of there escape...never really talking full advantage of the 30% reduction. Maybe I should just TP back into his walk.....or close to it....or where he's walking to. Instead of halfway across the screen.

Last time when I was helping with an Uber carry I avoided it like 3 times...but then he got me. I'll have to watch his animations more closely to see when its coming...or watch for the "immune" message. I'll turn off all the damage numbers (I only have the crit on....but pretty much everything crits! So the screen is still a wreck) to make it easier to see things.

Unfortunately Litany doesn't help. I'd need an IAS one to stay at 3.01, and me thinks those are expensive.
Can tank his walk no problem @ 5200-5500 Armor, 850 AR, 44k HP. There was a time I couldn't though, Once i got over 40k life it was good to go
@Pilehole: It's not something that others have brought up, but another idea for you is the Unstable Anomaly passive. Unless you're dying more often than once-a-minute, this is probably a pretty good "get-out-of-jail" free card.

EDIT: And it's getting a serious buff in 1.0.7! ;)
Yeah, Tekk. I think I definitely will run UA in place of Evocation once 1.07 comes out. Will probably make 3.01 feel like 2.73. I guess you could run cold snap, in place of deep freeze to get the 3.01 feel back (and lose the party buff).

Maybe I'll try it now....It just sucks with the 30% level. I can grit my teeth and gauge pretty well going down low on the life bubble and know that LoH will save me from an archon beam. But if I drop below 30% then I'm hosed for the next minute for when I might really need it. But yeah, maybe i'll give it a try.


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