Minimum AR/for dueling?

Demon Hunter
Wanted to get an idea how much EHP DH should be shooting for dueling.
I don't know this for myself yet but to give you some reference: I have 600 AR, 4.5k armor and 90-100K (depends on gear) HP

Skorn rend crits from a really geared barb can still 1shot me, same with really geared WD. But if I spam smokescreen, inbetween the bleed damage, I'll take roughly 50% from CRIT rend/haunts (with above stats)

but when it comes to joining a random game for fun duel then it's easily more than enough though

edit: oh, EHP, I think ^ stats are about 1.1mil (been some time since I checked my ehp), but aiming for 1m+ as a start should be reasonable
Aiming for 1m eHP and about 200k unbuffed DPS with legacy.

Doubt i'll make it on the eHP end though, unless i get like the sickest amulet, lol.
thanks all for the tips.

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