need help with my wizard

what item should i upgrade next if anybody could help that would be great
are you an archon spec? why no lifesteal or blood magic?
oh sorry im cm wiz
nice use of mempo with tal glare.

ok so you got your apoc down, good cm vileward, nice 1.78 chant.

you need more cc; loh and definitely another movement speed gear. you're high on ehp due to bt pants and ice climbers

some will argue 12 ms is enough since you have wormhole.

you can ditch your hellfire for another trifecta with loh
thanks man
01/23/2013 11:21 PMPosted by pichapiegal
nice use of mempo with tal glare.

the 7% elite reduction loss is fairly significant thou. a 67strg roll on the memop is like meh.
You are also loh shy.

a chant force/ SC would just solve all your problems
oh i have 24ms
thought it was a cc mempo. if not, go sc

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