No Matter What Diablo lll Will NOT Start.

Technical Support
I installed Diablo lll a couple days ago it worked for a few days then it got stuck on Updating Blizzard Launcher I left it running for 3 days straight and it barely made it over half at that point by the 3rd day it just froze so I decided to uninstall and reinstall D3 now it's just stuck on Checking for Updates

I've tried flushing DNS
I've ended the agent.exe s

Nothing seems to work whatsoever Please help me! :(
doesn't work
did you try making sure its the correct ports are forwarded?

firewall problems come about from many programs. virus scanners, spyware scanners, firewall programs, etc. all of these can cause you issues. in addition to these sometimes the above listed virus/spyware programs will detect programs accessing the internet and block them unless you say otherwise.

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