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I understand as the state of affairs stands, hope for a expansion is plausible. However I also can understand it is a far back burner idea at the time of this post. In D2 I played the necromancer totally exclusively, and was disappointed when announced that he would not be a part of D3 at launch. With that said I would like to know who else out there is playing with there imagination on what a playable Necromancer could do in D3. For example, we already have the 4 skill trees excluding primary and secondary, Poison, Bone, Curses and last but not least summons.
  • Poison
  • Nova is a no brainer, runes can change pattern, intensity, or function (poison blood nova: %of dam. to life) Other various strikes and blast, but what about a poison armor? helps with dodge chance?
  • Bone
  • Teeth, Bone spear, and bone prison or wall are self explanatory but also have a depth that can be explored. Bone wall can perhaps block projectiles. Bone spear can have a javelin/mortar rune, only attacks one enemy but for massive damage. Bone armor variety's should be interesting, thorns and resist all are easy ideas, but what about a exo-skeletal decoy? One idea I had was Bone storm a large AoE attack centered around the necro.
  • Curses
  • Many choices to be had here. A new one could be "curse of servitude" if cursed enemy dies within x-amount of time it is res-erected to fight for you for x-amount of time.
  • Summons
  • Golems are easy transition (fire, blood, ect.) new ones could be a bone or poison golem. To summon a temp. bone dragon would be cool. Skeletons can range from Reg>executioners>Guardians>skeletal overlords perhaps? Revive is one that stumps me because of the system but hey you never know.
      its a mystery on what to do about the weapon since the WD already has unique daggers, but maybe unique chest armor can be cool.
      I dont know what everyone else thinks but I say if the witch doc. and the wizard had a love child it would be a beautiful baby necromancer. Anyone else have thoughs?
    I loved the Necro as well. Summoning skeletons and golems was great. Creating golems out of weapons and they took on the characteristics of those weapons was simply amazing.
    i loved the necro, but i doubt they will add it since they have the WD. it would basically be the same character with a different skin. although i would probably play a necro more than a WD if they added it.
    I was a dedicated necro in D2, sadly we won't be seeing any other classic heros return. We could however hope that the classics return in the form of followers no? :3
    Golem Fight! < great for saturday night.
    I hate the lack of support classes in D3. Paladins, necros, druids, etc. could all chill out in certain specs and take any beating, although perhaps not dealing the highest DPS.

    At the moment, every class has to run around like a friggin' ferret and avoid DPS to survive.
    There's already a WD, but they could make the necromancer play a more passive role with the summons.
    Right now the WD is the primary damage dealer and the pets just act as meat shields. They could lower the necromancer damage while his skeleton army just mowes everything down. That's how he was played in D2 as I can recall.
    The Witch Doctor is essentially the Necromancer.

    He's got the poison, the summons, the curses, the "bones" (in this case a blow gun).

    I'm not sure what could be done with the Necromancer to make him distinct from the Witch Doctor without Blizzard completely overhauling the character. I suppose there could be a focus on exploiting corpses. Corpse Explosion was one of my favorite spells in Diablo 2.
    There was already an anouncement saying there is going to be an expansion pack. The diablo team has said that they built the Witch Doctor class in a way that if they wanted to bring the Necro back they would be able to with out changing the Witch Doctor.
    Necro, Pally and the Barb were my favorite classes in D2. Thankfully they brought back the Barb.

    Something about having an army of skeletons that is so much fun.
    they'll prolly bring those back in expansion.
    I like the idea of a Necromancer character being introduced in D3 in an expansion, however I might be the only one who feels simply lifting a character right out of D2 is kinda setting the bar a bit low.

    The big idea behind D3 was to give it its own identity. It's a new game, a new day, a new set of rules. So while the Paladin and Necro were great in D2, I want to see the developers and writers come up with some new classes in D3.

    I wouldn't mind a character in D3 that was modeled after the Necro, though. I mean, the Witch Doctor kind of meets some of those "poison spells/raises the dead" kind of desires, but while the Witch Doctor can raise a few pets, the Necro always seems like a "have an army of skeletons following me" kind of character.

    Skeletons and bone are definitely trademark to the Necromancer, for sure. WD's got the poison situation locked down, so yeah...some kind of new class centered around bone spells would be cool.

    And hey...maybe make the class strength-based (bone armor would make him a wicked tank), he could some ranged capability and work in both a melee AND spell capacity? Ooh, and since all the classes have resource regeneration work differently, why not make it so this class has to drain its resource from enemies? Item affixes could raise how much gets channeled back?

    The one Necro I had years ago in D2, the best weapon he had was this special Maul, and his main curse was Life Tap. Didn't do any summoning, but that was some fun stuff, :-)
    Necro > WD imo

    Remove the WD and bring the Necro back

    Another persion who gets his vision from looking in the rear view mirror. I always had a necro in D2 but can't see them having it in D3. The wd replaced him.

    the WD isn't anything like the Necro. Others in this thread have explained why, read them.
    How is it any different than the witch doctor?

    Curses, summons, and ugly?

    How about a horde of skeletons (melee, or casters) Golems, debuffs, etc etc.

    WD primary caster with a few very select meat shields,

    Necro large army of minions that do most of the dmg.
    I like the necromancer, I had a few ideas here:
    Honestly if Blizzard made a necro in the next expansion and he was very similar to the witch doctor I would not care at all just as long as the necro could command a platoon of skeletal warriors once again.

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