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The Witch Doctor is a shallow version of what the Necromancer truly was.

Agreed with the comments above; loved crafting golems out of weapons, shields, knives, etc. Loved those skeleton armies. Loved the curses and direct attacks. Poison Nova, Bone Spear, on and an.

Loved the look and feel of the Necromancer.


Sad that they've ignored all of us who played necros. What? About 20% of the game population played necros?

That's 20% of D3 that would probably prefer the necro OVER the witch doctor.

I wish Blizzard would...just take the ASK US if we would prefer our old necros and dump the WDs. I'd do it in a heartbeat, even if I had to start all over again.
yep it was rather nice having an army to do they bidding
it is important that we make it clear that the majority of players want the necro back!
There's classes that are different because of mechanics, but there's also classes that can be similar with differences because of flavor.

Necromancers could be mechanically exact to Witch Doctors, just with different visuals and summoned creatures.

That's be better than not having them at all.

Personally, I want all classes from previous games back, from the warrior to the druid, from the bard to the assassin.
That and the ability to use the cash in the Blizzard account to get more character slots so I can have two of each: one normal and one hardcore.
I like the idea of a Necromancer character being introduced in D3 in an expansion, however I might be the only one who feels simply lifting a character right out of D2 is kinda setting the bar a bit low.

The big idea behind D3 was to give it its own identity. It's a new game, a new day, a new set of rules. So while the Paladin and Necro were great in D2, I want to see the developers and writers come up with some new classes in D3.

There isnt any new classes so to speak in the main game so what makes you think theyll come up with something original in the expansion?

witch doctor - necro
barbarian - barbarian
demon hunter - amazon
monk - paladin
wizard - sorceress
Maybe a whip can be the Necromancer's special weapon. Female necromancer with a whip, now thats a idea!
Needs to be a strength based pet class, like a demon tamer. Whip for 1hand, prod for 2hand.
Would be nice to play a summoning class that isn't a niignog.
Can't Wait for them to bring the Necromancer back!
Did they say they would Baler? I thought they announced the crusader.

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