So who is excited about the "Ask the Devs" Topic?

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To Ignatious: Too true about Reddit. I don't read it much, but I believe I read a little where Wyatt was answering a lot of questions. It was useful stuff there.
Just curious if this lunacy is going to go away now what happened to skill and gear swapping from d2? I cant swap skills if i don't want to lose my stacks that's insane and adds nothing to the fun value of this game other than limiting us like the res timer that should just totally go away as well.
Will there be any new/ modified legendaries?

Will there be stats changed for the mostly useless lvl 63 weapons? I'm tired of getting lvl 63 claws with 200-300 dps.
A fun pvp system in Diablo 3 where players can invade other players worlds would be a great addition. Players that would not like to be invaded could opt out from this if they wanted at the making of there game. We could enter players worlds with a tool like the one we currently use to play with others. This would also solve a lot of the gripes with pvp in Diablo 3.
Ahhhh no dont release ladder u Will open Door for pvp nô Life hacker begin To dix ur massive bug négoce release that ur game need Manu update..
This is ridiculous. Devs of the indie scene -- u know, the ppl defining the future of PC gaming -- don't pass up an opportunity to interact with their fans. Meanwhile blizz/d3 team is going to treat that type of PR outing like it's some "exclusive" "behind the scenes" privilege.


TBH the devs of this game should be on here EVERY DAY.

(n.b. not ALL DAY, but EVERY DAY.)

And if they need to go off the radar for a while to do some real work (hey it could happen! :P), just say "sry guys we need to lock it down and bust it out".

But no..................

Edit: btw since I probably won't be here for this "exclusive" event ... i have an extremely busy a-lister schedule, myself, and don't really relish the idea of having to clamber to the front of a virtual mass of bodies straining against a virtual velvet rope just to have a chance to have my question blown off by the "stars", please allow me to take this opportunity to say:

01/24/2013 06:26 PMPosted by Lylirra
Not sure I will have time to get home and ask a question before it's locked because full. It looks like it's allowed to post more than one question so maybe it will fill up fast. Would have been great to limit to one question, forcing everyone to focus on their best and more serious question. But since it's done in a forum, home made, it's likely hard to do, monitoring all this.

That's certainly something for us to consider, though as you said it would be difficult to really monitor. I'll take this back to my team and we can debate it, as civilized individuals do (i.e. there might be white boards and post-its involved :P).
One question that I will pose here for the same reason:

Can we please get at least get an explanation for the Caltrops proc removal in 1.04? Other classes had proc reduced and recieved an reason.
My question in advance : what is blizzard doing about duping, and the current existance of MANY MANY MANY duped items? - and, wasn't one of your excuses for D3 being online only... to prevent duping?
When will the hostile button be restored?


however i don't see this ever happening since theres a vote off button. Which is fine but it'll make invading games impossible. But carebear dueling/pvp seems to be the new in so folks won't mind it as much.
First question: Will there be other method(s) to upgrade skills/passsives/runes other than items and (paragon) leveling?
Second question: Are you planning something to reduce the main stat stacking on gear and increase gear diversity?

Since questions are releated to 1.07 only, then i will have none.
This is what will happen, Ask the devs will open, and about five minutes later, Either the cap will be reached, or the forum will crash.
With all the love in the world folks but, I think Q&A is yet another smoke screen that is supposed to buy you more time. I love the game , but why would you make such a big hype aboout 1.07 so much time before its actual release? You've seen the interests soaring but now more and more gamers become frustrated about your hollow promisses that all boil down to one word - 'soon'. You know you need to do something about that so you came up with this Q&A.

We'll be having Q&As about a variety of different topics in the future (and, yup, itemization is one of them). :)

First time in almost a year that you guys mention itemization! Why dodge the bullet and ignoring us for so long? Well, here is the news "It is TOO late"
01/25/2013 05:02 AMPosted by DirtyMac
This is what will happen, Ask the devs will open, and about five minutes later, Either the cap will be reached, or the forum will crash.

Nah. It took a few hours for these to cap on the WoW forums.
I'm not 'excited' about this, but I definitely think it's a good idea and good for the game. I hope they do more of these in the future. I'm hoping it will help players understand some of the mechanics we have questions about and give us a chance to give them feedback on what works and what doesn't, as players.

If the players want change to make the game what we think it should be, then we need to take advantage of opportunities like this to ask good questions and add in some commentary that will let them know how we feel. All we can do is try.
I am, here is the official thread;

LOL... the "official" thread got deleted. :p

We'll be having Q&As about a variety of different topics in the future (and, yup, itemization is one of them). :)

Yessssssssss thank you!!!!! Been waiting for news on itemization for a long time :) This makes me super happy!!

I think BOA items in 1.07 are a great step, but right now some affixes just aren't competitive enough to truly forward the goal of build diversity. In addition, we need more wild/weird/yet-still-useful leg affixes! This will go a looong way to helping the game out.

Also: any plans for a web-based/mobile AH interface?

Why not just give us the pre-approved list that was already created with questions the devs will be answering? That seems to be how you are corralling the herd here.
Definitely will ask why they feel the need to continually nerf the elite mob affixes.
Had you not reminded me, I wouldn't have remembered that there was a beta, a beta forum, a trove of past forum posts, a less-than-ideal launch, and yes, previous attempts at garnering feedback.

Feedback I might stress again, was implemented because they were necessary for the game's catch-up, not because they were actually listening.

So yeah, we'll see how it goes. But forgive me for being just a wee bit cynical.

My question? "Why did you slap us with a 1sec yellow ID, 4sec orange ID instead of giving us what we wanted all along?"

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