So who is excited about the "Ask the Devs" Topic?

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01/24/2013 04:57 PMPosted by Lylirra
1.0.7. I wonder if questions should only pertain to this patch.

They should, yes (I highly recommend reading the rules listed [url=""]here[/url])!

The reason we're asking players to focus their questions on a specific topic is that it helps the Q&A run much more smoothly. While it might mean we receive LESS questions, the questions that we do receive tend be of a higher caliber and have much more depth (which in turn allows us to provide responses that are more meaningful and meaty). Additionally, it makes the Q&A super cohesive since the questions all relate to one another in a very specific way.

01/24/2013 04:29 PMPosted by WarHogg
So many questions we'd like to ask,but if it's only limited to specifics about what they've already announced for the patch,it won't answer many of the hundreds of suggestions/questions already unaddressed by the devs and CM's.

We choose 1.0.7 as the topic because it's very timely. Not only is the patch on the PTR right now, but we've also been seeing a lot of questions from players NOT participating in the public test about the content in 1.0.7 -- everything from why a certain change was made (and what the philosophy was behind it) to how a specific feature is intended to work to whether or not we've considered the long-term effects of a specific update.

We'll be having Q&As about a variety of different topics in the future (and, yup, itemization is one of them). :)

While I think this is a completely splendid idea, I feel it's not directed at the things that NEED to be addressed. Limiting us only to the patch currently on the PTR is far too limiting. It would've likely been more beneficial to do the Q&A between patches and ask players what they'd be like to SEE in the patch and one question regarding that topic. I do think this idea is great, but again, limiting it to content that has already been chosen for us....again just shows the level of disconnect between the dev team us.
If you want to make this game more fun how about having drops that you can actually use on your character. To me farming day after day and weeek after week and month after month with nothing much to show for it is not fun. What is the point of having to buy everything your character has at the auction house. That is not fun. All it says is either you have deep pockets or you have no life and are farming for money every minute of every day. Make sure there is a carrot to be had for the average character as of right now you have about a million to one chance of finding anything worth anything much less one that actually works for your character.

meaningful and meaty

Mmmmm meaningful AND meaty?
Just like the perfect boyfriend <3
This Q&A bores the hell out of me with its complicated process.
How about this alternate Q&A process?
- community manager does his job by browsing the forum
- CM compiles list of FAQs
- CM takes them to devs
- CM posts a nice list of the answers
- repeat weekly
So? Anybody like that better?

I do
01/26/2013 11:03 AMPosted by KeyserSöze
We are probably at 15k players worldwide based on diabloprogress

What's worse is there's probably quite a few bots contributing to the count.

Great question. It would be awesome to carry stacks with you from Act to act...especially when Key farming! Think about the efficiency! I drool thinking about changes like that!

I believe that they have already stated that allowing NV stacks from act to act for more efficient key farming and such will be allowed. Don't hold me to it but I think that's what they had already agreed upon.
i havnt really been paying attention
You should try out PoE. The game mods and devs actually step into general chat and talk with the players in real time. They aren't scared of players asking "squeaker" question (putting someone on the spot and making their voice get squeaky out of nervousness) and the mods and devs dont hide behind a wall of community PR managers.

Meanwhile D3 goes, "PR control, planning and PR control."
It is pretty refreshing to have "mana pools" again on all characters... PoE that is. I'd love to see this return to D3... and then all pieces could have mana regen and intellect could serve as a boost to the mana pool.
I hope someone asks a developer about the Inna's three-piece set bonus. I'm not complaining, I am satisfied with the 4-piece bonus being worth it... but yeah, what were they thinking?
Since last Tuesday I have really seen a difference. The week before I got 23 legendary drops and since Tuesday I have had only 2. Also auction house is so slow you can barely use it. But boy am I haveing fun!
01/24/2013 06:41 PMPosted by Jonbombed
When will the hostile button be restored?

this^ ^ ^
Expect a lot of:

"We'd certainly like to get something like that implemented in a future build"
You can ask any questions you want as long as its only about dying legendary's....
I haven't finished reading topic "Diablo 3 and POE debate ends..." what happened? Deleted?
I have a question. Why have I never received anything really worth anything in drops. I have over 1100 hours and am maxed out in magic find. I usually go through 300 to 400 rares a day and none are pretty much worth anything. Everything my characters have was purchased at the AH. I only have average gear because I get very little off of what few items I can sell on the AH so most of my purchases is with farmed gold. I have seen so many of my friend leave this game because they become so frustrated with the garbage drops. Is it because the game is too easy now as I heard at the beginning the drops were better but the game was alot harder? Is it because this is the way Blizzard is forcing people to use the AH? Why doesn't this get fixed so you can actually get the promised carrot that we are told is just another drop away?
I'm not excited. They laid down the rules, and questions are limited to changes in the patch being discussed. This means the community is constrained to discuss what the devs think is important. The last time we left it completely up to the devs, we got D3 vanilla....
If it is going to be anything like the "ask me anything" they did a while ago, I'm not really looking forward to it.

Last time they took "tough" questions, labeled them as "loaded", and didn't answer them.

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