NO legendary items at all....

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I'm trying to get somewhere on the forums. I have 2 characters level 60 and one level 60(5)
I have one on inferno. I have yet to get anything related to a legendary items at all. I got one the first day I legendary amulet. I have yet to see anything. I can even get 5 to 6 gold items in a kill. I killed inferno butcher in seconds....nothing. I have 112% MF. I even go for 2 hours straight playing. AM I missing a download?
112% MF is very low bro,keep your Paragon up or have some gear with MF
It's very hard finding legendary items. I didn't find one the first few days of playing. That being said things are very random. When experience farming I have the maximum amount of Magic Find on some of my characters (350MF/MP0) and some days I find none. Other days I can get several drops on one run. Its very random even with the maximum magic find. That being said the yellow items do help especially if you are starting out. Magic find also helps increase the number of attributes a rare item can roll.
thanks for an answer...will boot everything up to find items.
I can't believe countless hours for one amulet and that was in the first week of play.

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