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Just wondering how many times you you guys manage to teleport with Wormhole? My max is 4. As for the streak, my most is around 64 (Massacre Kills) which I know isn't much. But whats is yours max? And is it possible to cast 5 Wormholes.


Lap Chi
4 here, and about 150-160 in act3 MP0 farming (keep 2 or FoS, can't remember but it was +35,000 bonus)
I think 4 is the max possible, never heard of anyone doing 5. I think my highest massacre was like 130 or so on rakkis. MP4 or 5 running sns.
Four every time as long as you keep the mouse button held down.

My biggest massacre was well over 200 in that event with the shades at the beginning of Act 4.
I got 84 today, my top. Hehe
beat that again, 130 Sky Battlements
Normal mobs I've gotten 200+ in core of arreat before. If you count Iskatu's trash I've hit over 400.

er, I mean crater
I have ever got >400 Massacre at act4
166 today, yep. we are on fire.

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