Marquise rubies are stronger than I thought.

Demon Hunter
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It currently takes 729 FSQ to make one Radiant Star (not sure how many tomes). 729x3 = 2187. That's a LOT of rubies...

don't forget about the Demonic Essence and the extra 20M crafting fee.
good thing i have 10k+ flawless rubies lmao...and enough gold to make 5 of them
hope i didnt bet on wrong horse
View profile Hello U.S. players, i'm Alberto from Italy
I've encountered last night Myon on pvp ptr and that was a real shock for me get shooted by this marquise powered calamity.

Usually is that what happens when i face DH ( i know, they are a bit undergeared.. )

This 1900+dps calamity 4 shot my 100khp 1000allres 9200armor setup. Freaking OP.

Ciao come stai Alberto?

Giochi mai alle american servers? Mi piacherebbe gicocare con un italiano. Vivavo in italia per casi due anni e ho bisgno di praticare il mio italiano. Parlo troppo espanoul e sto dementicando italiano.

Ciao!! Better speak english there ^^ . I'm sorry but i play on EU server.

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