Top 3 Upgrades.

Demon Hunter
I have about 300 million to spend and have given up on being able to afford a halfway decent Mempo + Nat's Ring combination so I'm just going to upgrade some other beer.

Have better rings than those equiped just using these for paragon leveling. Not touching Ammy either till after the patch.

With that said but should be my first few upgrades to get the most bang for my buck?

Better bow? Pants, Chest, Belt? New DML? I know I need to probably upgrade each item but was wondering which you think pop out immediately.

Oh and with my normal gear on I'm at 205k (Non SS/SA) with 48K HP. Looking to bump DPS some but also my RA without losing much/any HP.
OK, what is 1 thing I should upgrade or should I wait till after patch? Thanks.
You can easily get a good dex vit memo I got mine for 9mil.
Get rare 6cc bracers with high dex vit ar
Get witching hour
Get inna pants with vit on them
Get a nat ring with avg dmg , high dex, ar, vit you don't need to get one with cc.
Your dml is hungering arrow but you use bola shot???

Why are you stacking so much mf???
Dex , cc, cd, vit, ar, ias... Don't focus on other stat unless you maybe want strafe built then get pick up radius.

Get as much dex as you can, being around 50% or more cc, 300+cd, 45k+ life, 400+ ar. focus on that the more you get the better. Get dmg along with increasing your ehp.

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