Mighty Weapon ????

I do not understand this weapon. I have a Mighty weapon on my off hand. If I move it to the main hand I lose 14k damage. I play a Monk also and I use weapons. I have never seen a weapon that changes the dps when changed between hands.

Can someone please help me understand what is going on ?

I know the Mighty weapon should be used in the main hand, but the dps changes and I lose 14k damage.
read your passive - weapons master
@ LordZeus

Ha ! I see now the Mighty doesn't get any sort of a boost. Now I need to find a weapon to replace this Mighty weapon. I have 135mil to spend , can you give me advice on what to buy.
Mighty weapon gives a really good boost in the form of fury generation even though it shows no paper dps.
It depends on what type of build you want to play. Your skills are all jumbled around so you kinda dont have a specific build you are playing

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