Cannot login to the game Error 14404

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so boring this few day!!! still can t login =.=. still need wait how long?
been trying to get on for a few hours now, still no luck. Wtf are you doing blizz
It looks like everyone posting in this thread is connecting from the SEA region. It appears there's an intermittent issue with that region connecting to our US servers. We've not yet identified the actual cause but this workaround is working for those who use it. It involves changing to a public DNS server rather than the one provided by your ISP.

Here's a link to the workaround thread posted back in December.
same here can't get into both wow or d3 #14404 in d3 and #144 error in wow.

Pls fix
Same mis please fix the problem !!!
Disappointed , utterly disappointed in you blizzard.

I just get 2 hours a day to play diablo , and that too you take away from me.

oh btw i tried the asia and europe servers and they work alright

I can't connect to the us servers and i'm using an european game client in middle east area

just fyi... if i screw up like these errors .. i lose my job, get jailed and deported from the country.
i'd love to see the same damocles sword on your side.
why I can't login to the game?

"There was an error downloading the agreements. (ERROR 14404)"
I play from the Middle East, and I can not access the server U.S. !!!!
I'm from middle east also..

I tried this fix and it worked for me :D

See you in game!
Possible explain to us more than what I did exactly ?!!
i have the same problem error 14404
tried the method of changing server then switching back but itsstill same error message
I have got the same 14404 error and I have tried everything that it is out there that should help, I've change the DNS gateway, I have flushed and changed regions ect ect. I'm physically breaking down here, I need my Diablo 3 fix, I luv this game so much, please help Blizzard, I have almost broken my fist against the wall in frustration!! PLEASE PLEASE HELP!!!!!
I don't care what the haters say about this game or about Jay, Jay for president!!!! It is the best game ever, I haven't had so much fun since I discovered crayons and that was at age 4...
PS. Thanks for the best game ever
So i'm from EU and i played a little bit when diablo 3 came out. But i stopped playing and after a while.But i wanted to wanted to play. Created a new player but i didn't notice it was on the americans region. But it worked fine until the new bug fix patch. Now i can only play on Eu region :(
Day # 2

Error 14404
please tell me what is the fix?
i tried what was suggested, to switch servers, i switched to Europe then switched back to the Americas then BOOM! i can play now :)
Blizzard Pleas HeLP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
01/23/2013 04:04 AMPosted by ABShole
i tried what was suggested, to switch servers, i switched to Europe then switched back to the Americas then BOOM! i can play now :)

Yes yes yes this is the solution .... Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuu :)
I cannot log in D3 US server for 2 weeks!!
Please help to solve this problem.

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