Cannot login to the game Error 14404

Technical Support
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same error 14404
help... error 14404
i can find issues like this 2 months ago. seems blizzard is to busy taking our money and not worrying about issues.
yet again.
I haven't played the D3 like one month, and then found this 14404 error... is Blizzard closing up servers and try to block (discriminate) those who lose some heat towards the game?? Come on... I am totally disappointed.

Well, D3 is good, though not good enough to wait like 1x years since D2. And now? Blizzard certainly is doing the right thing to put ppl back to our normal social life, or - to play other non-Blizzard titles?

What have I paid for? Give me back my money, Blizzard!!!
01/22/2013 09:03 AMPosted by Skyflare
I cant log in either plz help!

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