Understanding why Jay Wilson is frowned upon.

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Well said OP.

I agree, the game-engine and action is very solid.

game engine is from wow... action is good.. to the OP- great post, J.W. was acting like a kid and I have no clue how he ended up that high in management with that attitude...
The "action" could be way better. Needs more blood and head knocking.

This game was made by care bears.

When I first encountered the D3 Butcher it reminded me of the WCW Wrestlers entering the ring. It was the first indication that something was wrong with the game for me.
01/19/2013 02:23 PMPosted by familia
The idea of the auction house is quite genius because profiting from entertainment sounds too good to be true.

Not genius and not too good to be true as it wrecked the game.
read the whole thing

01/19/2013 10:08 PMPosted by ShadowAegis
What online game can you name that has been released that had zero bugs. A game with zero stability issues.

What online game? Interesting caveat, that. Are you suggesting that online game makers are lazy and incompetent?

So then you would have a weapon for every monster that has a dfferent weakness huh. I would love to see just how much inventory space you would have after equiping such weapons.

You didn't play D2, did you...
nice job OP!!!
Who is jay wilson? owners son or something? dude seems clueless and unprofessional from what ur saying
Rob Pardo should READ this.
Ya butcher was a joke.
very good points dude, you have explain the things we want to say in our heart!!!

thank you!!!
+1 well said OP

Rob Pardo and the rest of the team should read this its just a nice summary of all that Jay ignored.
01/19/2013 01:46 PMPosted by TwoCoins
Many people, don't understand why Jay Wilson gets the negative attitude towards him, i am one of the people who have negative feelings towards him, but i don't say such immature things like "go to hell, or he's a fat pig" and say things that are that mean to him, i disagree with many of his decision making and his comments and i would like to show you why.

You people have what you want, he won't be touching your precious Diablo anymore. Why must people continue to rake him through the coals? We have all heard this litany before. Trying to start these "Long well written posts" again, and again about why Jay Wilson fails it not necessary any more.
Just to reiterate. Assuming the itemization was perfect with a fully functional economy (that wasn't saturated) there would be nothing to complain about. Rewarding players with a significant value from time spent playing is genius, in my opinion. DIII failed to capitalize, but failing to realize the potential is just naive..

It is not genius if the result is a wrecked game.
Lister the Tormentor, Ancient Kaa the Soulless...good times. Glad JW is gone, hopefully the team, under new management, can reboot the series. IMO, skip any D3 expansions and go straight to D4, with all the fan suggestions taken fully into consideration. And definitely bring back offline play.
Everyone got their opinions but i really hate those insults such as go and die.

You know what? Because they would shut up in shame if they met JWilson IRL. I mean i dont care if they call him stupid or things like that but "lets burn him down" is just way too far. And thats like 90% of all the comments he get. Its scary wth who wishes a human to die?

I mean the next time you guys F it up, how would it feel to get such comments? "Hey Carl you messed this up go and die you piece of * noone likes you."
My major problem with every one blaming Jay is the simple fact that he is not the design team. Yes he was the lead on the game but do we really know just how much creative power he was wielding? I think yes ,He had a lot of the final say on some aspects but I think over all there are a ton more people involved in the creation of the game. For every one to put the blame on Jay's head alone is just stupid. The game was in development for 10 years and I'm sure a lot of the team came and went in that time and they all had input on different aspects of the game .

Yes ,this game has problems but as some one said what game dose not have them from launch? D,D2,Lod , and Bnet had major problems but as time went on they fixed and tweaked them. It took years to get D2 to it's current state people always seem to forget this fact. Most people that complain did not play from day one they started way later after a lot of the fixes had already been installed.

A prime example of this is I was playing in open a while back and I started to talk to a random about the game. He said he had played for years and years and D2 was so much better from day one because he had played it the day it came out. I said the only this I really missed were the cow channels and his reply was "Cow channels what are you talking about" There are a lot of people that act as if they played D/D2/LOD from the get go and the simple fact is they didn't and they really have no idea what sort of problems they had.

D and D2 were dieing a slow death until the 1.10 patch hit and that brought new life back into the game .Then it started to go down hill again and we got rune words. I think IMO that people just need to give it time if they want a proper successor to the D legacy. All these people that sit and make their opinions heard about how great D2 is and how bad D3 is . I have a simple question. Why are you not off playing it instead of sitting in the D3 forums 24/7 ?
Well said - hopefully the next game designer isn't arrogant and wants the game to be fun rather than the dull direction it's been heading to.

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