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I`ve got about 37m to blow but I`m torn between this green piece of armor called Immortal Kings Eternal reigh and This other Legendary Tyraels Might. The Green has 3 gem slots and lower stats. The Legendary has a huge boost in ability potential but no slots. I`m a barbarian who dual wields.

In any respect, Is the green going to get me farther in this game than the Legendary? Also, Seems like Legendaries suck in this game...

Thanks for the help in advance
Immortal kings eternal reigh is way way better. Get one with str an vita.

N legendaries in this game r actually better then most rares jus only for certains item pieces, like helm, boots,bracers, shoulders, belt. Bt there are alot of good rares out there also
Thanks man! Appreciate it!

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