can a blue confirm/deny

if g15 keyboard macro for the cm/ww wizard is allowed?
It's ambiguous.

There are threads concerning this and the answers are always ambiguous.

Play safe and don't use macros.
I read a few blue posts on this and some of the other forum members also say the same thing. Anything that automates the game can get you banned. If your macro automates buttons then it could be viewed as botting. IF you set it up so that key one has keys 2 and 3 bound to it with no delays and no repeats, I don't see how they can distinguish between that or you simply hitting 3 keys simultaneously. You can try that and mix it up with all 3 button mashing to really confuse them. That is what I do.
My understanding is the ToS/EULA whatever says no use of third-party programs. The keyboard came with an installation disk I presume, therefore the macro would be set up using a third-party program.
IF you buy a high end keyboard or mouse it will come with software. They cannot ban you simply for using said device. I don't see how they can even tell what is making the input commands. I believe the way they find you is if you do something like set key to one to push 1 wait 20ms, push 2 wait 20 ms, push 3 wait 20ms then repeat. After a few thousand times doing this, it would be impossible for a real person maintain the exact same timing between all keys. When they see the input commands like this it looks automated. Before I used my macro, I held my 3 fingers together and pushed keys 1,2,3 at the same time everytime. I don't see how hey could distinguish between that and binding keys 1,2,3 to key 1 with no delays or repeats.
i agree with killerelite, that the 1 key binding is probably safest, cause programming delays, even random delays would probably get noticed as people who perform repetitive tasks usually become more efficient, and would normally fall into a pattern as opposed to gettin a perfect 75ms key push each and every time
at 20:01:07
As long as you press it 3 times to cast 3 abilities you are fine.
at 20:01:23
If you press it once and 3 abilities all cast then there is an issue.''

guess that is a no=(
they will never reply.

you can read this thread and see how much "bouncing" around goes.
Very much a gray area and it seems that's the way Blizz wants to keep it. I don't use it to be safe.

What I do to avoid button mashing is bind keys:

L-click: WW
R-click: frost nova
1: explosive blast
2: diamond skin

Then hold down right click, 1 and 2. Click left click over and over.

This avoids having to mash 3 buttons at once. It's a lot quieter and easier on my hand. It also avoids macros.

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