Can You Exploit Last Breath?

Witch Doctor
Is it possible to swap to a Last Breath just to cast MC and then swap back to your normal weapon and retain the cooldown reduction? I've never had a last breath so I haven't tested it, but that could be pretty handy, especially with a macro (not that I condone such things).
good idea. will try it tonite.

on a side note, i know in fact we can get 3 dogs from col and then switch passive yet still be able to maintain the dogs. although they are gone once they die.

another thing is, i guess one way to boost their ehp is equip all ehp gear to get the dogs from col, which i believe their ehp is probably captured using the stats you have at that time. i have never tested this, but anyone who is interested can probably give it a try. although this seem like a lot of work for nothing.
yes you can
but it's easier to just get a usable last breath
01/23/2013 10:07 PMPosted by JookSingJai
usable last breath


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