Too Many Attempts (503) Error

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When I use Mozilla Firefox browser I'm now getting an error when I try and log into my battlenet account at

If I use Internet Explorer I can log in fine, with out the error.

Also I keep getting an error when trying to log into the forums using Firefox and it says there was an error logging in please try again. It will do this over and over and over.

I have a mobile authenticator.

I posted on my other account (Malgor), but that thread appears to be gone.
After I posted this using IE, I was able to log into my forums account on Firefox. No idea why it worked now.

I am still worried as to why I am getting the too many attempts error? Does that mean someone is trying to access my account over and over?
Our web team is already looking into this issue but haven't given us an ETA as to when it will be resolved. Make sure you try clearing your browser cookies and cache as it may help in some cases.
i am having this on both mozilla and IE
Thank you.

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