my dh for your WD (anyone interested?)

Witch Doctor
DH is in my profile, nice mix of dps and survivability. just looking to try out the only class i havent played yet. ill be on all night if anyone cares to add me and discuss!
Nice DH you have there.
I have a zero dog build, currently couple things on AH for many a million
One of the best WD specs and loads of fun.

you have a decent DH doughb1zzle. I'm not interested in the trade as WD has proven to be quite strong in PvP, but free bump for you
just get both, like me :)
@fabby thank you very much. i really dont care for pvp too much, i tried it on ptr and it was boring to me. until they change some things, i wont bother with it. im just interested in playing some WD since it is the only class i have yet to play.

@megahurtz lol it would be nice, but unfortunately i dont come across a lot of gold too often and building a half decent one to farm with is out of the question for me at the moment.
very nice dh!
thanks dobie!
pass I am by far enjoying the WD compared to my DH

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