Having trouble permafreezing 1 target :(

So, as the title suggests, I can't seem to keep a single target permafrozen. I run full SNS on mp7 for farming keys, but if I bump up to mp10 or do ubers, in order to try and permafreeze I run cold snap and FA/Pinpoint. I'm at 2.74 aps and with pinpoint I'm over 50% crit, have 19 apoc.

Do I just need a bit more crit in order to permafreeze?
3aps and 60+ crit chance
I'm pretty sure I've seen people at the 2.7x breakpoint permafreeze a single target.

You're saying you NEED 3aps to do it?
There is no such thing as an absolute, true permafreeze on a single target (unless you have CD reduction shrine buff) no matter what your crit/aps/runes.

However you should be able to keep them in one spot and keep them from casting most special moves, and for that you need ~100ms ping or lower, 60% Crit chance or higher, cold snap, and yes 3.0001 aps or higher.

Edit: Also the higher the APOC you have, the faster your wind-up to steady state will be.
Evocation/cold snap may be useful
Your latency also has a strong impact on whether you can permafreeze.

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