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I have 4 writhing spines, 2 Devils Fangs, can't seem to get the vengeful eye to drop. Any tips?

I would be nice if Blizzard let u combine 3 of a kind into a right.
You need to open 3 portals in the same game in order to access all the different Uber stages--just like in D2: LoD
Yay, random walks.

Best way to handle it for now, Jake, if you are not doing it on mp10 (there are groups which will help you with this for free if you provide the machines) is to leave immediately after doing the one that can drop the Vengeful Eye.

So you get your 5 stacks, you open a portal. Say it's the one that drops Devil's Fangs. So you do that boss and potentially get a Fang. Then you open a new portal. Yay, it's the one that drops Vengeful Eye! Kill it, then exit your game without opening the last portal, which may get you a Writhing Spine.

Next game, you get your 5 stacks and open a portal.... First thing, you get the portal you want. Kill that chamber and then start a new game.

Basically, this won't stop you from getting the other items, and it won't guarantee that you get the one you need when you kill those bosses, but it will increase the % of machines that you use potentially getting Vengeful Eyes and decrease the % you spend potentially getting still more Writhing Spines.
Thanks for the post Tin, which ring normally drops the V Eye?

right now have 16 machines trying to get my Monk over 200Kdmg and a chance at lvl 6 inferno
Just get in a group and do MP10. If I can do it so can you.
Maximize your machines by getting into a group of like geared players. Having anyone carry you at the expense of 3 machines on MP10 is worse than doing it with a group of 4 people as everyone commits a machine on mp5 (statistically).

It may take a little longer for those organ drops when you are doing ubers, but it overall will be less time when you take into account the time spent finding keys.
I got carried by Wittster on MP 10. 3 mill, he provided all machines and did all the work. You're guaranteed to get all three pieces.

I'll probably hit him up again when I'm ready to craft an int ring.

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